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For you Dockley

  • Louise11
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06 Sep 07 #2925 by Louise11
Topic started by Louise11
I have posted a comment in here to you as i cant get to post it in messages to your blog! lol

Reading the above all in one go,(refering to your blog!that is) on the whole it dont look too bad, what gets me is that you now have to buy a house for you and your son, but hey its got to be worth loads just to get her and her family off your back.
Its not worth looking back anymore Docks, forward is the only way to go, you have a New partner who has stuck by you through all this, you have a New house to look forward too, and you now have a New life one that hopefully in time will help everything else fade into the background. As my " care in the community neighbour shouts daily" ITS NOT WORF IT LOUISE" hes right its not! Dont look back and never think what if! You can now clsoe the door on the past, your future has now gotta look rosy! hahahha hey especially if you win the lottery on the day after the 6th month period! hahahhahahah Heres hoping hey?
I wish you all the luck, happiness and wealth you all so deserve, you stay in touch mush.
Kind ones
Loopy Lou!

  • Dockley
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06 Sep 07 #2935 by Dockley
Reply from Dockley

Kind words as always, thanks :)

Yes, it gets me too that I have to buy another house starting at the bottom of the property ladder whilst the ex queue jumps to the top, but, like my Barrister repeatedly had to keep telling me in court.....

"What seems fair to me and you and society in general is a completely different ball game in the rules of divorce law. It would be lovely if the judge told her to get off her arse and work full time in order to provide enough borrowing power to then receive a lower capital split than she is asking for, but the judge wont say that.
What he will say is how the facts are NOW which is, me working full time and earning more and her working part time and earning less"

There were plenty of other factors to sway the decision her way or my way, but on the day I just couldn't take the gamble.

I was glad that she was my barrister though and not the ex's, as her parting words to me were.................

"If I had been representing the other side I would not have advised your ex to settle at what she got"

So what does that tell us???????? :woohoo:

I will never know if I could've got more, but I need to switch off from that and get some peace and sleep!!!!

  • Liago
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06 Sep 07 #2937 by Liago
Reply from Liago

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Good Luck x

  • OBEs 1 canoodly
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06 Sep 07 #2946 by OBEs 1 canoodly
Reply from OBEs 1 canoodly
Hi Dockley,

When I have a drink tonight I will raise a glass to you mate!! I think it all stinks but lets face it you did better than you thought. Louise run it all past me this morning because like you I have worried myself senseless over the last 18 months and tomorrow I have a meet with my barrister then case is in two weeks. I put a brilliant deal forward to her recently though and it is good!!

It still gives me loads less then I feel I am worth (like yours said what we all think, no, actually know, we are worth doesn't correspond with what divorce law says!) but at least I can hopefully have a Clean Break a bit of money in the bank and some sleep at night and get on with the rest of my life!!! Still thats yet to be decided but for once her solicitor has answered with just a few words to confirm receipt of offer and said nothing else, because usually she has plenty to say! I honestly think they have been gobsmacked by it because I have justified everything within the offer about all the stuff I know she would argue against and within the offer I have said it would cover her legal costs and pay off her loans!!! I will take whats left plus my pension..........well there's not a lot she can argue with and as they haven't accepted it, neither have they turned it down, for once I'm beginning to suspect they know it is a good offer! We will see I have been known to be wrong...............but then I am a bloke!!!

Congrats again, now go get on with the future but don't forget us on here!!!!!


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