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hi wikipeeps...!

  • MazzB
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03 Apr 12 #321515 by MazzB
Topic started by MazzB
its been a long time since i posted on here but have been lurking reading posts and blogs.lol..well its been a couple of years since my divorce came through and i guess i had it easier than most..for those that dont know me feel free to read my blogs. we sold the house split the equity and i got SM .He split with the OW before the divorce etc was all done and dusted and through our social circle we became friends again..
He wanted to reconcile but i was hesitant as i wouldnt and couldnt put myself through all the hurt again if things went wrong.A million things were goin round in my head the trust the lies the anguish hed caused ..he said he had always loved me ,didnt know why hed left etc etc and i guess id always loved him.wed been together 27 years married for 26 so wasnt easy for me to forget..anyway to cut a long story short..we are back together and have been for 18 months..
I personally think things happen for a reason and you all may think im mad! i did myself at first but weve come a long way and yes its been hard especially for me,regaining trust etc but ive come through and we both know we are stronger than ever.So id like to say thanks for wiki for helping me through the dark days and for the friends i made although i think most of them arent on here any longer but to those that are THANK YOU !!
oops i really should say a great big thanks to ian for making wiki the force it is today

  • stukadivebomber
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  • Platinum Member
03 Apr 12 #321516 by stukadivebomber
Reply from stukadivebomber

Thanks for popping back in:)

It''s always good to hear a positive story, thanks for sharing.

  • WhiteRose
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  • Moderator
  • Moderator
03 Apr 12 #321517 by WhiteRose
Reply from WhiteRose
Mazz - fantastic news - good for you!

WR x

  • Young again
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  • Platinum Member
03 Apr 12 #321522 by Young again
Reply from Young again
Wow (((((MazzB!)))))

3 years and 1 day ago I said:

"Well done! For being strong and securing your self. Life begins anew once we have regained the confidence to look ourselves in the mirror and be happy with what we see. Be true to yourself and you will never regret it. "

I don''t think either of you mad, not at all - but I do think you both realise that what you have is a new improved MkII relationship, one with all sorts of new bits the old one didn''t have. Please take the time and effort to fully explore all the wonderful new possibilities of the MkII - you have the rest of your lives together to do so.

I wish you both all the very best!


  • Canuck425
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  • Platinum Member
03 Apr 12 #321526 by Canuck425
Reply from Canuck425
Hey - congrats! I don''t think you''re mad I think it is potentially an awesome story. Hope for the best!

  • sun flower
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  • Platinum Member
03 Apr 12 #321527 by sun flower
Reply from sun flower
It doesn''t matter what the good outcome is - as long as it is good outcome.

Wonderful news and well done to both of you for being brave enough to risk the pain again. I am full of admiration. I wish you both well.

Thank you for letting us know.


  • chris75
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  • Platinum Member
04 Apr 12 #321534 by chris75
Reply from chris75
That is amazing Mazz, you are very brave! I wish you both joy and happiness.

Kind regards

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