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Are women better than men at living alone?

  • leftwondering
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  • Platinum Member
23 Apr 12 #326028 by leftwondering
Topic started by leftwondering
I suppose I mean older women better at living alone than older men? (ie..grown-up kids)

Throughout my life I''ve known older women neighbours etc who seem quite jolly and content with their lives, but not many men.
The older single men I''ve seen are either propping up the bar at the local or are eccentric hobbyists etc..lol



  • WhiteRose
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  • Moderator
  • Moderator
23 Apr 12 #326034 by WhiteRose
Reply from WhiteRose
Hi LW,

An interesting thread and observation!

I think its more attitude and frame of mind rather than gender.

We are in control of our own destiny :huh:

WR x

  • stepper
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  • Platinum Member
23 Apr 12 #326044 by stepper
Reply from stepper
My son is a lot happier and looks after himself and the children very well since his divorce.

However, I have to say I would be totally lost without my husband.

  • livinginhope
  • livinginhope's Avatar
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  • Platinum Member
23 Apr 12 #326045 by livinginhope
Reply from livinginhope
When I was younger I really didn''t like living alone but now I''m older I feel more able to cope with it.I think women quite often draw the short straw in marriage and are expected to do the major share of house work etc,feel like an unpaid servant,so it can be a relief to be free from that side of marriage.I also think women may have more friends of the same sex who are happy to socialise without men being involved so we are luckier in that way.
I am speaking as an older women so hopefully young husbands are now more willing to do an equal share of household chores so don''t shoot me down please.I''m sure all the men on this site are paragons of virtue;)

  • whatgoesaroundcomesaround
  • whatgoesaroundcomesaround's Avatar
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
23 Apr 12 #326115 by whatgoesaroundcomesaround
Reply from whatgoesaroundcomesaround

my ex-husband reckoned that I was stronger than him and that I therefore would be fine when he ran off with the OW. I can''t say that it''s been easy living alone but had the situation been reversed, he definitely would have been propping up the bar every night on his own whereas this really isn''t an option for many women. I might be generalising here but I do think that what some women have in their favour (particularly in the north east) is the chance to get more meaningful emotional support from other women (e.g. sisters, mothers, friends). My ex often wails that I am actually the lucky one in that I have people around me who actually care about me (no prizes for guessing why he doesn''t)

  • hawaythelads
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24 Apr 12 #326130 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads

Who says I''m struggling living on my own!!

His Royal Hawayness

  • jjones123
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24 Apr 12 #326140 by jjones123
Reply from jjones123
Good work, Pete! It looks like you''ve tidied up since I last popped round :P

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