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Momentos.... Got to laugh or I''d cry! (Rant!)

  • strongerthanithought
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09 Jul 12 #342181 by strongerthanithought
Topic started by strongerthanithought
Am I the only one who thinks that 3 years is long enough to sort all the ex''s stuff out?

His ex moved out 3 years ago and there''s still SO MUCH of her STUFF in his house!!!! We don''t live together, and he is a man, but the excuse ''I''ve not got round to it'' is wearing thin (especially as he''s been putting stuff off for so long!!).

Also utility bills still in her name but paid from his account, junk mail etc etc?!?

Am I being so unreasonable to hope/expect that he''d get round to checking all the cupboards/kids drawers/dressing up boxes for old washing/emptying the loft of shoes and clothes?!?!

Sorry for the rant but needed to get it off my chest!!

  • redwine47
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09 Jul 12 #342196 by redwine47
Reply from redwine47
Tell ex if they don''t come for it by. xxx day that you will be binning it or sending to charity shop. I dumped exes stuff in back garden as he was slow to collect. And I stipulated the above, he soon came to get it... Lol

  • jslgb
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10 Jul 12 #342215 by jslgb
Reply from jslgb
3 years? Are you serious?

I began to get rid of stbxh''s stuff after 6 months. He comes to collect our daughter every week so by that point i decided he mustn''t want anything he had left! Especially as for the first couple of months i used to leave him in the house to have contact with our daughter and he would go snooping and take what he wanted.

After a year i went through all the things he had left in the garage and binned anything that i couldnt use. As far as i was concerned he ad abandoned it all so it went to the tip!

As for bills etc he wants to be cautious using her name. It could come back to bite him on the backside so i would suggest he got that sorted asap!!

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