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What next

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07 Nov 17 #497467 by Under60
Reply from Under60
Ahhh, that's so sad.
Is it not like the time you want to be pregnant, or had a miscarriage, and everyone you see seems to have a bump or is pushing a baby?
I think it's just more magnified than you usually notice.
Just remember that you are SO better off without the ex.
Things always pan out in the end.
When the time is right your new start will be revealed to you. I imagine you need to get over this last mess before embarking on something new.
Don't dwell on what you have lost, look forward to your bright future instead. :)

  • Clawed
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08 Nov 17 #497476 by Clawed
Reply from Clawed
There's something so reassuring about wiki, I was here all the time, it helped to realise that lots of people were or had been in the same boat. I don't say how wonderful my life is now to make you sad but to show that there is hope. I'm sure that I'd have been happy alone once I'd had time to adjust but I have a new husband and a relationship better than anything I ever dreamed of, this was quite unexpected but that's life, a roller coaster, you will come through this low patch and be happy again (assuming you were happy before) but it takes time. Hang in there and focus on the positive, there's a thread somewhere about things we appreciate living alone I used to read it when I needed to get out of the negative view of my life.

  • rumination
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08 Nov 17 #497500 by rumination
Reply from rumination
I am glad of the opportunity to talk as I have no one to confide in about how much I am struggling. I am glad that many of you have found happiness. My approach is stay so busy so as not to allow myself to think. I have never been fitter with all the exercise so I should be grateful to the ex. I have only fair weather friends as I moved country with the ex and not good at making friends but never was.
The irony is I am in a profession that focuses on telling people how to keep themselves safe, manage their mental health but on my days off I spend my days have fleeting thoughts of not wishing to be here. But then you give yourself the talking to and you carry on. I am grateful to the wiki community. Hope I can support others going forward

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