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Ex's belongings.

  • Hatton1
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28 Mar 19 #506948 by Hatton1
Topic started by Hatton1
Hi all, I was hoping someone could just clarify an issue for me.

Ex moved out September 16, divorce finalised June 18, Clean Break.

I had the FMH completely transferred into my sole name and the Consent Order stated items in the house included.

I asked him just after the FH in June, if he would like to collect the rest of his belongings but got ignored. However I kept everything, the garage and loft are full of his stuff ( just haven't had time to sort out) and to be honest I figured at some point he'd get sentimental about his ' things'.

So forward to today I receive two emails. The first one threatening me with legal action if I don't allow him to collect his belongings. First I'd heard of it since last year. He's also given me a list of items he wants that we use. He expects to be allowed in the house and loft and could I arrange to be out for the day please !!!

Now, pretty a acrimonious divorce, no contact since as he became very unpleasant, hasn't seen his daughter for 2 years etc etc etc...but I genuinely have no problem with him having his personal belongings. However I am really fed up of being bullied and told what to do by him. I don't want him in the house but happy to leave it in the garage or similar.

Does he actually have any legal right to these things. I'd just like to come to an arrangement that stops him telling me what's going to happen.

  • WYSPECIAL's Avatar
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  • Moderator
28 Mar 19 #506950 by WYSPECIAL
Reply from WYSPECIAL
Usually whoever gets the house gets the stuff like furniture that is in it. Check your Court Order.

As for his personal stuff why don't you just tell him that it is available to be collected from the garage by xxx date and that you have no intention of being out whilst he collects it.

  • Hatton1
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  • Platinum Member
28 Mar 19 #506955 by Hatton1
Reply from Hatton1
Thanks Wyspecial,

The Consent Order states :


The parties agree that the terms set out in this order are accepted in full and final satisfaction of :

D) All claims in respect of the contents of the family home and personal belongings including but not limited to furniture, art work, jewellery and motor vehicles.

So I'm guessing legally he's out of luck ?

But regardless he can collect his possessions, to be honest I can't really be bothered to argue about daft stuff with him, i just didn't appreciate still being threatened with solicitors after all this time and the fact he still feels he has a right to enter the house. I think that's perfect to leave it in the garage and hide inside the house !!

  • Mitchum
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  • Moderator
28 Mar 19 #506962 by Mitchum
Reply from Mitchum
If you can face it, get some boxes and pack the stuff and place them in the garage where he can access them without needing to speak to you. Don't place them where they might get damaged e.g. get wet(on the front lawn is not good idea!) Take photos of them safely stored for collection.

I got a friend to help me get stuff from the loft. Boxed it up and labelled it and left it all in the garage.

Is there someone who could be there with you to witness the removal of the property?

I think only a judge can order that he may enter the house. After such a long absence I don't think it unreasonable to say you don't wish him to enter your home. He gets what the court order stated and his personal belongings, which I don't imagine you want anyway!

  • TruckMan01
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  • New Member
29 Mar 19 #506967 by TruckMan01
Reply from TruckMan01
Hi, If the house is soley your's he has no right to enter it it. Arrange to put his items in a safe place i.e shed garage etc, make sure that you are there when he comes & also have a friend present, who can be witness to things.

My partner had a dreadful time when her ex came to collect his things, Luckily her mate (a Police officer) hid inside the house & actually video'd what was going on, sounds very dramatic I know, but sometimes you have to cover your own interests.

I wish you well.

  • hadenoughnow
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  • Moderator
29 Mar 19 #506977 by hadenoughnow
Reply from hadenoughnow
I agree. He has no right to enter your home.

Ask him to provide a list of items he wants. If they are things you and the family use, it is hard luck. If it is stuff that is cluttering up the place, you can agree to find it and place it where it can be collected. Do it on your own time though. Don't be bullied.

It is sensible to have someone else present when he collects the stuff. I would ask a third party to deal with him if you can.

You have the back up of the order... If you wanted to be difficult, you could just say no ..


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