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Identity fraud??

  • Louise11
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  • Platinum Member
18 Nov 07 #6925 by Louise11
Topic started by Louise11
Hi all

In the past year I have had three letters from debt collection agencies, all to do with mobile phone bills. None of which have belonged to me or anyone in my household.
They always have a different name but the name somehow has something representative to me and my husband. Like one was in the name of Steven "Bury" or Harry "Derby" the surnames are place names where my husband or I am from. To me, this cant be coincidence!
My question is now its all over for us........i.e. his FH with his ex wife, what happens to all our private documents, like 12 months bank statements, P60s, NI numbers and the many many more private documents all relating to our life? My understanding is that the Solicitors keep them all for 6 years. But at one court hearing, his former ex sat there with all MY documents, MY bank statements, My private stuff, everything that I had to disclose. Everything in fact, that could, if she wanted to "clone me"! Now its all over and when she pays her bill, doesnt that mean, the solicitors will give her everything in our files?
I just wonder maybe in say 3 years time, she tries to shaft me in bigger ways? Shes bloody vindictive enough! What happens if she gets the file and decides to throw it away in a bin so anyone in the world can view the content?
What if she decides to pass it on or sell it even to some fraudster.
I know all this seems highly unlikely to some folks but his formwer wife and her partner have been so horrendous over the past three years, she has even lost her job at the moment through theft! My husband cant beleive it about her, but then again he couldnt believe what she has done where this AR path took him either. The trouble is the fella she ran off with well, lets just say hes not one of lifes desirables and people change.
I just wonder if anyone knows how things stand with private financial paperwork. Can we ask that it all gets shredded? Or can we ask for the return of it all? Or how does the Law stand on it all? Its all very well Courts asking we file form E, but do they protect us with the information it all holds?

Any thoughts anyone?

Kind regards

  • Seren
  • Seren's Avatar
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
18 Nov 07 #6929 by Seren
Reply from Seren
Hi Louise,

I'm not sure if this helps but;

All the information that has been provided to the court, which would be everything both sides have had access to, cannot be used or revealed to anyone outside of the court, without express permisson of the judge. If it is used or revealed to a TP it is contempt of court and you can apply to the court to have the other party held in contempt. It is punishable by imprisonment!!!

There is a case (that I'm trying to find for you at the moment) where this happened and the husband applied to the court. The Judge found his ex-wife in contempt.

I am about to go to court with my husband in a case with his ex-wife, whilst I am not legally obliged to provide bank statements etc, I have agreed in order to help my husband. However, I have blanked out all personal info, account nos etc and asked the court to make it clear to my husbands ex that my information cannot be used outside of the court. Hope this helps.


  • Marshy_
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  • Platinum Member
18 Nov 07 #6930 by Marshy_
Reply from Marshy_
Hi Louise. The Courts and Solicitors live in dark ages and personal documents are traded without a thought to personal infromation. I think it would be wise to change bank accounts once the divorce is over becuase she is not duty bound to keep your information safe. She could in fact just throw it away. Or if she had a mind to give this information to someone to use in an inapropriate way. Falk

  • Louise11
  • Louise11's Avatar Posted by
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
18 Nov 07 #6940 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11
Hi both

Many thanks for your answers, yes I was the same as you Seren, I provided the information due to her and her Solicitors making out to the courts my husband was hiding things in my accounts (which was totally untrue!) In our neivety, niavity, niavety (sorry cant spell it)when all this began some 3 years ago I never removed my personal details, crazy in hindsight, but there you go. So this is a warning for anyone else! Remove the personal details before you disclose any information to the other party! Oh well i shall just have to keep an eye on things for what the next six years? Oh my God! LOL where o where does it end?

Kind Regards

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