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Volunteers for Magazines and TV

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11 years 7 months ago #88128 by hadenoughnow
Volunteers for Magazines and TV was created by hadenoughnow
Wiki members,

As we grow Wiki is receiving an increasing number of requests from the media for us to put them in touch with people who are willing to be interviewed and featured in magazine articles or TV documentaries about divorce.

Rather than cluttering up the forum with the almost daily requests from magazines for people to interview, we have decided on a different approach.

We plan to create a 'volunteer' list of members who have an interest in being featured in a magazine/paper/TV program.

Members on this list will be asked to provide a short profile of themselves (the list of volunteers and the content of their mini-profile will be confidential, only seen by the Wiki staff involved in media relations).

When we get a \"matching\" media request we will contact you via email or PM, and offer you the opportunity/option to be put in touch with the magazine/newspaper or TV company.
(Each media request tends to be for a specific profile, eg: \"XYZ magazine would like to interview a woman aged 30 to 45 who went through a long divorce but had to stay living with her husband in the same house due to the financial pressure of the credit crunch\")

Reasons that you may wish to volunteer include:
- you might feel a desire to \"tell your story\"
- you may get a fun day out to attend the interview/photo-shoot
- some interviews qualify for a payment of £100 to £500 pounds
(any payment would be from the media company to you directly, and not go through Wikivorce)

The downsides are:
- your personal story is published for anyone to read
- you may not like the \"spin\" the journalist puts on the story
- it may cause unnecessary additional conflict with your ex if you are still in the midst of the process.

Because of the downsides we would suggest that you DO NOT volunteer unless:
1) you are in the later stages of divorce (or have completed your divorce)
2) you have fully recovered emotionally and can reflect objectively on the experience

Wikivorce now has a substantial number of members and there is no need for more than a handful of volunteers - so please only volunteer if you feel very comfortable about what you might be letting yourself in for.

To volunteer please use the \"Send Me A Message\" link (on left).
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