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Bloody furious!!!!!!!!!

  • samchik1
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  • Premium Member
31 Mar 12 #321020 by samchik1
Topic started by samchik1
Well that''s just taking the piss. Came into the bathroom to have a bath for fear I''ll either let my anger out on her or break down. She is f?£&£?g unbelievable. We got our Separation Agreement today, signed it and got it witnessed. But it''s not enough that she''s torturing me by hanging about here under my nose indefinitely while she enjoys home comforts until she has just what she wants. No. She has the f.....ing gall to practically CELBRATE as the agreement is signed. Seriously. I haven''t seen her this happy in months! You''d have thought she had won the lottery. But what''s worse us that she''s doing it in front of the guy whose life she''s deconstructing by signing it. Empathizing with how others might be feeling was never her strong point...but that''s f£&&££g unbelievable. Not a SPECK of sadness at what the document signifies. Then, wonders why I''M not jumping for joy and seem a little off with her. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  • fairylandtime
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31 Mar 12 #321021 by fairylandtime
Reply from fairylandtime
Hi Samchick

I feel for you but think of it this way do you really want to be with someone who revels in another''s agony?

Also & just a point she could be doing this to wind you up - cos if she is it''s working, shes certainly keeping control of you & then sitting back to watch the fireworks go off. - just my synical self coming out there.

Don''t lower yourself to her level, keep cool & show that it is not affecting you (even if that is only on the outside), one day you will look back on all this & smile as you will be over it & getting on with your new life.

They say what comes round goes round, yet to see it myself but here hoping :)

Stay strong, breath & let her go on with the show - just sit back & watch.


  • raybird
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
31 Mar 12 #321023 by raybird
Reply from raybird
deep breaths... she s happy now she s got want she wants, she wont care about your feelings, probably hasnt done for some time now, try, try to ignore her, it will be hard, dont stoop to her level your worth more than that. take care xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • livinginhope
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  • Platinum Member
31 Mar 12 #321025 by livinginhope
Reply from livinginhope
This may help to free you.You can see the real her and now can let her go.She''s not who you thought she was. xxx

  • jjones123
  • jjones123's Avatar
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  • Platinum Member
31 Mar 12 #321037 by jjones123
Reply from jjones123
The other side, when they''re making their decisions, have this uncanny ability to form a distorted kind of reality that is disconnected from the real one. There will be a lot of history re-writing going on, and a lot of it is ridiculous. They build their own delusions. (At least, that''s what I think).

She might be smiling now, but she''s not going to be smiling for long when the harsh reality of her actions become apparent. By then, you would have moved on by a huge amount.

  • Canuck425
  • Canuck425's Avatar
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  • Platinum Member
31 Mar 12 #321043 by Canuck425
Reply from Canuck425
Totally agree with jjones.

She is focused on her and very happy with how this is proceeding. Good for her. She has no empathy for you and at least you know that.

Things will be good for you, eventually. You''ll take the time you need to build a better life. One for you and your son. I have seen so many times that the leaver hits reality and figures out that leaving didn''t actually make them happier. You see, happiness comes from within. It''s a cliche, but it''s true. So many of the leavers seem to think that leaving the marriage will get them to happiness. I doubt it.

So stay strong through this limbo time. You''ll get through it. There are good times coming up and some rough times too I am sure. You can handle it because you are you.

  • pinkminx
  • pinkminx's Avatar
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
01 Apr 12 #321117 by pinkminx
Reply from pinkminx
Maybe she''s trying to ''cover'' her true feelings and is over-compensating by acting like that - either way she sounds like a ***** and though you might not feel like it now, you are probably well-rid of her. Good luck.

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