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Kids In The Middle

  • somuch2know2
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15 Nov 12 #366445 by somuch2know2
Reply from somuch2know2
im sorry you had to go through all of that.
Even more sorry that your ex couldnt get past her own bitterness to see how this has, and will affect her own children.

  • Lizzzi
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15 Nov 12 #366458 by Lizzzi
Reply from Lizzzi
I am so sorry for anyone who has experienced anything like that, there really should be much harsher penalties for the person causing all of it.

A community order suspended or even if they are forced to carry it out is no reflection on the harm caused, pain and distress to the children and the absent parent.

I simply can''t stand the fact that the children are used as bargining tools, their heads filled with bitter and twisted cr*p and then the mother more often than not walks away from the whole pile of cr*p with the upper hand even though the court has told her in no uncertain terms she is to stop being so obstructional.

All the father wants is to see his children, he is supporting them financially, why wouldn''t they want to see their own children that they have loved, nurtured, nursed, cuddled when they fell and chased bad dreams away in the night to make their child feel safe, happy and loved.

There are far too many callous, self centred, narcosistic articles who don''t care about anything of the last paragraph, only what they can get out of their heartbroken from missing their children ex''s.

Dispicable people in a far less than acceptable legal system.

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