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So the shit hit the fan...like never before

  • Nota
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08 Apr 12 #322472 by Nota
Reply from Nota
Hi Sam

Friggin hell, she''s really putting you through it!

I''m not going to give you any lectures about how you should be doing this, that and the other. Recognising her behaviour bollox, yadda, yadda.....
You have enought to deal with, without added pressure from here.
All I will say is your not alone. You are supported and valued as a Man, Daddy and person.
I hope tomorrow will bring a tad of respite from all the shit.

Nota x

  • leftwondering
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  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 12 #322477 by leftwondering
Reply from leftwondering
Sent you a PM too samchik.

Hey man...is there any way you can get her out of the house?
Can''t she stay with that friend who lives in her beloved London?

Give her some dough if you have to, just to get her out of your face.

You need some alone time away from all this crap.

Either keep to your own space in the house and refuse to talk about ANYTHING except the practical essentials and DON''T get involved in anything more than a sentence or two or even a simple yes or no.

So she doesn''t want to see a man cry?
Only because it''s making her feel F''ing GUILTY!
OK you''re a decent husband and reacted the way any decent would to his marriage breaking up with the woman he loves.

You do that...I would do that.
Practically any man would do that unless he didn''t give a sh*t.

OK No more crying in front of her or telling her ANY of your genuine feelings.

Cos it aint getting through to her.

Help her get out ASAP.


  • sillywoman
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08 Apr 12 #322478 by sillywoman
Reply from sillywoman

My ex husband had countless affairs, countless and I blamed myself. By the time I got the balls to divorce the little shit my self esteem was on the floor.

My ex like your wife is an inadequate little person, always has been and always will be. Needs someone of the opposite sex to make them feel worthy.

Get shot of her asap!

  • Emma8485
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  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 12 #322480 by Emma8485
Reply from Emma8485
I''m with SW on this. I cant imagine a womand who would slate their partner for their bedroom behaviour - nor for crying when theyre told their wife no longer wants to be there, wants to be a student in london obviously fully funded by you, and then to cop off with some other bloke?

You sound like a really decent guy who cares about his son, and I''d have been tempted to throw her out with a bunch of black bags by now if I am honest for the way shes behaved.

Where is Pete with a brilliant "Hawayism"?..........

Take care and hope tomorrow is a better day.


  • catwoman03
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08 Apr 12 #322481 by catwoman03
Reply from catwoman03

I can only repeat the advice that everybody else has given and that you are among friends who understand here.

  • hawaythelads
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08 Apr 12 #322490 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
She''s right about one thing.
You Shouldn''t be crying over her.
You need to get a grip mate.
She''s used you that''s that.You gave her a better life at the time but now she''s used you as a stepping stone to get to the uk you are surplus to requirements.
All women that are the total xxxx ones who have affairs or marry for money always end up telling you your shxt in bed upon exit.
Me and my friend Phil both had it ok I''m short fat and balding he looks like Pierce Brosnan still both got told shxt in bed and that we were physically repulsive.It''s a pattern of behaviour easiest way to hurt a bloke.
I wouldn''t worry about it feck knows I know I won''t be the next Ron Jeremy who gives a shxt.
The fact remains you married a using xxxt unfortunately. It happens. You just have to manage a damage limitation exercise of your own self esteem now.
She doesn''t give a monkeys about you so look after yourself.
All the best

  • hawaythelads
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08 Apr 12 #322492 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
Oh yes and one other thing when you start analysing the rse out of it in your head and torturing yourself about her and the ukranian fella.
Yes she definately was and is fxxxxxg him.
Sorry mate but that''s so you can deal with them thoughts.
Get to a solicitor on Tuesday am Petition her for divorce and put in for residence of the kid would be the most positive thing you could do fort yourself and the kid.
All the best
Pete xx

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