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German Chat!!!

  • startingagain09
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03 May 09 #112929 by startingagain09
Topic started by startingagain09
I have been a member for a few months now and for the most part have found this very helpful.

Last night I went into chat as i was feeling very low and couldnt take part because the conversation was in German. I asked them to stop it but they carried on so I left.

I dont mind a joke, I love a laugh as much as the next person but if a few people want to talk in a language that no one else can understand then perhaps they would be better on MSN.

  • Middi
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03 May 09 #112944 by Middi
Reply from Middi
There are members that write "Pidgeon English" here on the board also.;)IYKWIM


I would just let it wash over you and allow the chatters to get their little bit of fun out of the way. Perhaps chatting in German was a healthy release for them

  • saffron1968
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03 May 09 #112970 by saffron1968
Reply from saffron1968

Sorry that you are feeling so low, that is unusual for people not to take notice of you as we all try and be caring and considerate of others feelings. Was this very late at night??

Hope that you got a good nights sleep and dont let it stop you going into chat again.

Take care

Saffy xxx

  • Shezi
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  • Moderator
  • Moderator
03 May 09 #112976 by Shezi
Reply from Shezi
Hi startingagain

It's a fair point on both sides. When foreign language begins in chat, I automatically scan the list to see if there are any newbies or generally quiet people in because I am mindful that they may be put off.

I think compromise is needed here - to avoid peeps being upset or feeling overly restricted.

Compromise for you SA is to possibly bear with it for a minute or two to let them

get their little bit of fun out of the way

as saffy put it.

Compromise for those who want to chat in a foreign languge is to go into another room (please explain to peeps why) in chat so that they can feel less restricted in this way.

At the end of the day wikipeeps, you have to remember we are a support site - yes of course we want to let our hair down sometimes, and yes we want to be able to have a bit of fun in chat. However, what we can't support at wiki are activities that are effectively exclusive if (and when) a member(s) starts to feel excluded. I'm sure no one here would continue with something they were aware was causing that. Divorce commonly brings feelings of isolation... exclusion would be dreadful from the very community designed to support.


  • Elle
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03 May 09 #112983 by Elle
Reply from Elle

I am sorry to hear that having requested inclusion you apparently did not receive this. I respect how had it is for some of us to ask for something and the feeling of exclusion that can be experienced if same is not forthcoming. Unfortunately this has had a negative impact on you at a time you need support...feel free to pm me if you want to chat.

Elle x

  • WeeKate
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  • Platinum Member
03 May 09 #112993 by WeeKate
Reply from WeeKate
I am sorry Starting Over.

I won't do it again.
I genuinely didn't see your line asking us to stop.
Kate xx

  • liftman
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  • Senior Member
03 May 09 #113045 by liftman
Reply from liftman
If this was Wee Kate and I chatting, (actually in Spanish, not German) then I am also very sorry.
We were "having a bit of fun" and not doing it to the detriment of others on the board.
I also didn't see you ask us to stop, and would certainly have done so had I seen it.
Sorry if you felt excluded by this, and I will certainly think a bit more in the future.

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