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  • rubytuesday
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12 Apr 11 #262770 by rubytuesday
Topic started by rubytuesday
Here at Wikivorce HQ we are always interested to know what you think of Wikivorce.

Has Wikivorce helped you, if so, in what way?

Would you recommend Wikivorce to a friend/colleague/family member?

If you are a long-term user of Wiki, what is it about Wiki that encourages you to stay?

What are your personal experiences of using Wikivorce, and of the community?

Has using Wikivorce helped you with the legal side of divorce, or have you received emotional support that you wouldn't have received anywhere else?

Have you used one of our Legal Access/online divorce services?

You can either reply to this post, send me a private msg, or email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All names/email addresses will be kept completely confidential, and not made known to anyone else.

  • ditchedagain11
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12 Apr 11 #262773 by ditchedagain11
Reply from ditchedagain11

I found wiki in Oct 2008 when id just split from second ex wife. Literally saved my life because i was in the darkest place i had ever been. The support from the people was overwhelming, and still is to this day.
From both legal and emotional sides wiki has been there and id have no hesitation in recommending the site to anyone in need.

Guess im classed as a 'long term user' and the reason i stayed on was that i thought it about time to give something back to the community, to help others. Having been divorced twice i have that experience im afraid so i can provide support and totally understand the pain and destruction it causes.
Having a very 'daft' and 'warped' sense of humour i 'try' to pull people out of that mindset where everything is doom n gloom, and in a good number of cases it works which i think is a good thing! Certainly made many friends over the years. Some moved on, some still here.

Never used the legal support services but my case wasnt straight forward and if i knew what i do now (legal knowledge) i would of saved thousands in sols fees.

On a personal level wiki encouraged me to study family law as a hobbie and its something i find rewarding because i can support a litle further. You could say in some ways helping others is helping me.


  • vivi36
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12 Apr 11 #262775 by vivi36
Reply from vivi36
Good morning x

a) wiki has helped me enormously. When I first joined I kind of knew who was who, and we used to have a 'surgery' with a barrister. I found that invaluable at the time, as she gave me the courage to stick a rocket up my sols bum. I found out only recently that my sol was newly qualified and she has enjoyed working with me as it encouraged her to fight. I believe that that was down to the amazing person that gave up her time and helped with FREE advise, else I'm sure I would have been shafted.
I apprieciate that others has filled her shoes on here but I am unsure of who does what.

b) I have recommended Wiki to close friends and collegues (not too many as I wouldn't want the x to get wind of sources).

c) I am still not Absolute, although I have been to FH. I peek in occasionally to see if I can gather any snippets to help my case. Or to help (I hope) other wiki's.

d) I enjoy coming onto Wiki. I am still very cagy and although I would love to come to a 'meet' and personally thank all those that have helped me, but at present I am still very nervous of bumping into someone I know. I have struggled with the new chat (not so new now!) it's way too quick for me now. And sometimes it just makes my day reading some of the comments from Haway.

e) defo!! as stated above. If it hadn't been for DL advising me when I went to MPS I'm sure I would be homeless right now! And between her and a personal friend getting me in a fighting mindset of not always accepting what my sol advises.
I didn't realise until DL told me that my sol has to fight for me but also protect herself, so she advises and I reject her advise then if we loose then I cannot have a go at her. Each time I have pushed her we have won buthad it not been for the advise on here I would've simply accepted my sol's word.

f) I have used the Actuary quick service. I was having problem's convincing my sol that my x's pension was worth lots more. He submitted 50k ish. The actuary did an express service within 48 hours that showed it was worth so so so much more. We then took that report to the court and the Judge ordered a full actuarial report, unfortunatley x wouldn't allow me to come back to yourselves, we had to jointly instruct. The pension turned out to be slightly less than the express service but still turned out to be nearly £400k!! An invaluable tool for me as had I not had the report we would proberly have gone into court with a £50k CETV!

So!!! keep up the good work!! You have so far proved invaluable to me.


  • dukey
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12 Apr 11 #262810 by dukey
Reply from dukey

  • pixy
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12 Apr 11 #262812 by pixy
Reply from pixy
I do not think I would have got through the past year without the support I have got from this site. I value the legal and financial advice that I have got as well as the emotional support. The first wikimeet I went to provided a lifeline that I desperately needed.

Over and above this what has been really interesting and useful to me is discovering that I am not the only person in a very long marriage who is facing divorce and that the trajectory of responses from an adulterous partner is such a standard pattern.

Cross fingers my stbx and I are at last heading for an amicable settlement. If so, I am intending to use an online wiki servie for writing up the Consent Order.

I would certainly recommend wikivorce to others.

  • MrsH2013
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12 Apr 11 #262835 by MrsH2013
Reply from MrsH2013
I joined Wikivorce 18 months ago, originally to ask for advice before leaving my stbx, and then came back a few months later for advice after I'd left him, and have hung around ever since.

I've found the site invaluable, from helping me to understand the divorce process to finding support and enjoying the banter in Chat. I've also made some good friends both online and in real life.

On a practical note I am currently using the Wikivorce Full Divorce and Financial Settlement package and so far the service has been excellent.

I would recommend this site to others without question.

Thanks to all who contribute xx

  • Blackie
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12 Apr 11 #262848 by Blackie
Reply from Blackie
To be quite honest without wiki I would certainly be locked up in a lunatic asylum by now and seriously dread to think what damage I would have inflicted on unsuspecting members of the public who happened to get in my way during some of my worst moments in dealing with my unbelievable ex. (Aargh he is STILL my stbx!!)

I could not have managed without the advice and support of wiki members both those with actual knowledge and those with just hugs and not forgetting those that make me laugh! Wiki has been and still is invaluable as this nightmare continues.

I have also met some fantastic people - some just virtually and some in person and now have a whole new group of friends.

And best of all I found the love of my life here!! so yes I would wholeheartedly recommend wiki to anyone.

Thank you so much xxxxx

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