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Wikivorce Testimonials

  • survive
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13 Apr 11 #263071 by survive
Reply from survive
Wow, yes i think Wikivorce is fantastic. I joined Aug 2010 bout 8 months into divorce and so wish I had found it sooner. The site has been of an immense support, both for legal type questions, filling in of forms, social advice, support through blogs, forums and chat. I turn to it ofetn when I am feeling down as I know the people on here have all been through or are going through similar. It is also good to give support to others in my little knowledge I have.
The people on here are amazing and so supportive, they have often cheered me up or made me feel human again or cared for.
As yet i have not met any wiki's, but would love to and go to a meet soon.

I still have quite a long way to go, so anticipate lots more usage.

Thankyou, a big thankyou to wiki and all of its members.
Long may it continue.


  • happydays67
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14 Apr 11 #263213 by happydays67
Reply from happydays67
Its around a year since I joined Wikivorce. At that point I was feeling under a lot of pressure from stbx to agree to all his demands. At first I just read other peoples blogs and posts but just knowing others were in a similar place and understood was a help.

Basically, wiki is how a good friend should be. Someone who lets you rant and get things off your chest. Gives out good advice even if its not what you want to hear. Helps lift your spirits when feeling down and is always there for you no matter what.

Although I'm hopefully nearing the end of the whole process I hope to stay and try to give others some support and would definitely recommend it to anyone going through separation/divorce.

  • startagain
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20 Apr 11 #264086 by startagain
Reply from startagain
Has Wikivorce helped you, if so, in what way?

When I found Wikivorce I was feeling very low, scared and confused. I felt that I was the only one who was or was going through separation so just knowing others were going through this nightmare really helped. Receiving my first comment from supportive and caring people was wonderful.

Would you recommend Wikivorce to a friend/colleague/family member?

Yes I would, divorce although common is still a taboo subject so getting help, advice and support is not easy.

If you are a long-term user of Wiki, what is it about Wiki that encourages you to stay?

I have been on here for 18 months, I think the after effects of divorce continue for many years (if not for all of your life) if you have children. So its issues relating to dealing with ex's, children and rebuilding my life.

What are your personal experiences of using Wikivorce, and of the community?

There are many things that people write on here that give me strength and help me see things in a different way

Has using Wikivorce helped you with the legal side of divorce, or have you received emotional support that you wouldn't have received anywhere else?

Both, I think its is really good that there are professionals offering advice on here too. The emotional support is brilliant it has guide me to seeing the world the way it is rather than the way I would like to see it.

Have you used one of our Legal Access/online divorce services?


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