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Reading list Relationship Problems

  • JulesW
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26 Oct 07 #5305 by JulesW
Topic started by JulesW
Divorce often gets individuals and couples to take a very detailed look at themselves.
I know I have read different books.
What about a forum on books that people have read and what they thought of them.
Not quite a book club but it could get people to get the 'right' book earlier. Or avoid 'duff' books.
What do people think they must have some books which have helped them during this difficult process.

  • duncan McEnzie
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26 Oct 07 #5329 by duncan McEnzie
Reply from duncan McEnzie
Sounds crazy but the best one ive read is about self hypnosis. You count to 10 close your eyes then imagine you are in a garden. I choose my parents garden. Saddly they are not alive but it is still an uplifting and serene experience. Funny enough im an old cynic and dont believe in anything but find this really helps. Dont knock it til youve tried it and remember to stare at a fixed spot on the ceiling while counting. If it just releases tension its done something good. I know ive gone off on a tangent but these are stressful times.

  • OBEs 1 canoodly
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26 Oct 07 #5333 by OBEs 1 canoodly
Reply from OBEs 1 canoodly

You obviously do believe because you have tried it and it has worked for you.

When my mum died I couldn't get the picture of her in her coffin our of my mind after all the years I'd known her alive and beautiful that was the one picture that remained!!! It was very depressing!.

Someone suggested I went for hypnotherapy. I was a total sceptic but I thought I would give it a go! Now 21 years later I still get this beautiful picture of my mum's lovely face in a field full of Tulips under a clear blue sky with a smile on her face. That's what the hypnotherapist placed there in mind all that time ago and thats what remains there to this day everytime I think about her.

Hypnotherapy isn't all about clowns on a stage it has a great place in the world of health care and done properly can be a great healer. Self hypnosis is the best kind of stress buster ever and you have proved that.

Due to the help I got from my hypnotherapist I then went on to train as one myself. I am fascinated by it and have helped many friends overcome lots of different situations, depression, relationships, smoking etc etc. I have never done it for a living and have only ever charged for it once and that was the smoker because I figured that whatever I charged was cheap in comparison to what she would spend on cigarettes for the rest of her life!!! It worked beautifully - she now has a weight problem due to the fact she can taste her food and can't stop eating ha ha ha ha.....oh well I'm sure she'll ring me when she's ready...question is what excuse do I have for charging her this time?????

Keep up the good work if you find it healing then keep doing it....every little bit helps!!


OBEs 1

  • Sera
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29 Oct 07 #5448 by Sera
Reply from Sera
Interestingly, at times of extreme Stress, the best cures are the Spiritual ones. As a species, we have long lost the powers that were natural to us, and we often ignore our spiritual/inner well-being, and our powers to self-heal. (Sorry, this isn't about books I've read, but picking up on the previous posts!)

I have a spiritual healer, who understands life beyond the greyness. My comforts and well-being comes from the direction I get from alternative healing scources, and her understanding of astology and Lifes path.

OK: I've read 'Why Charming Men make Dangerous Lovers', I'd recommend that to any victims of domestic abuse, and women with controlling partners, especially if they are blaming themselves.

  • Fiona
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29 Oct 07 #5465 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
I think many books about relationships are quite biased. "Families and How to Survive Them" by John Cleese and his psychiatrist/family therapist Robin Skynner tries to identify what makes healthy relationships. It's about 20 years old but is still in print I believe. I liked it because although it is grounded firmly in science it's very accessible and light hearted.

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