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Will my ex get 50% equity

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07 Nov 07 #6097 by PAULINE
Topic started by PAULINE
:( Really not happy with my Solicitor at the moment - going to Court on December 10th and the other side seem to think it's a 50/50 split.

I paid the deposit on our home, paid all the fees and have maintained most of the payments on the mortgage for eight years. He has been financially a mess throughout the marriage, almost bankrupt at one point. Do I have to sell my home and give him 50%

  • sexysadie
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07 Nov 07 #6102 by sexysadie
Reply from sexysadie
It depends on a lot of other stuff, including whether you have children and whether either of you has a decent pension to share. But, I'm afraid, quite possibly you do, if you don't have children.


  • DownButNotOut
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07 Nov 07 #6103 by DownButNotOut
Reply from DownButNotOut
The normal reasons to split from 50:50 are:

1) One of you is going to look after the kids
2) One of you is capaable of earning much less than the other

Who paid for what during the marriage has little to do with it.

e.g. I paid deposit on our home, renovated it spending many many weekends working on house over 10 years, and paid every single bill and mortgage payment over 10 years.

Still she got the whole of the house cos she looks after my son and i earn more than her.

  • Sera
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08 Nov 07 #6155 by Sera
Reply from Sera
You may be unhappy with your sol because you don't like what you hear???

A court will decide the outcome based on the 'needs' of each party. If you posted up your details, finances, ages, pensions, kids?, equity in house, mortgage, incomes etc; etc; you will get some good advise here, on how a Judge may make his order, (or advise on what you can argue).

Then you can compare what your sol has advised, to what us little folks think, based on our own experiences!

There is no 50-50% ruling, it's just a starting point in all financial settlements.

What is there? (in assets)?

What did you contribute?

What did he contribute?

What does he want?

Will do best to answer with more info!

Good luck

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