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Help......I am going insane!

  • Elle
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05 Jan 08 #10019 by Elle
Topic started by Elle
As with everyone....long story of woe and bewilderment...as brief as I can be....I am in my 8th year of litigation in which I am supposed to be the pursuer for a mere divorce and division of assets but have continually been forced to be reactive to my x. During theses years I have been alienated from our children, homeless, destitute,forced to represent myself as his lawyer was found guilty of hiding assets and my lawyer walked rather than address this (there is a Law Society Report, Sheriff and Sheriff Principals Judgement that supports my allegation!) bedridden and housbound after one assault, lost my career as a result of the injuries sustained in this the assault, managed to get a fresh degree, career and home.....the motion calling in Court on thursday might be the straw that breaks my back.......this motion is to address hubbys financial hardship so that he can avoid paying my expenses incurred when he dragged me to an Appeal and I won.......all this when he sits in over 100k equity....50% of which is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone please help me stay sane as missing the kids, balancing finances and the absolute imbalance of fairness is killing me....i feel absolutely exhausted and depleted with the insanity of it all.

  • Specialdad
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  • Platinum Member
05 Jan 08 #10021 by Specialdad
Reply from Specialdad
Firstly take a deep breath.

Normally courts do not take children away from mothers.

Apply for a Social services report on your children.

Apply to the court for a contact order.

If he has been violent apply for a non molestation order.

Finally take another deep breath and stay calm and say nothing to your ex.

  • Elle
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12 Apr 09 #106798 by Elle
Reply from Elle
Hey SD,

15 months of deep breathing, additional difficulties added and no closure to those already present...any suggestions?

Elle x

  • focus123
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12 Apr 09 #106904 by focus123
Reply from focus123

sometimes these things try the strongest of people

you my dear friend are reaching the closing stages and these are more scary than the begining as you dare to dream it is over you dare to think about moving on.

these will soon no longer be dreams they will be reality but with that reality comes a loss of direction and this is the scariest of times. You lose faith in yourself and you wake up with the cold fear of is this real.

you will go through many many more days and nights like this until one morning you will actually feel the sun on your face and it will wrap its warmth around you.

time for some is a healer time for others can be a prison sentence it is your time to break free of both remember now is your time and only you can allow others to delay your time any longer.

your future roads are all yours to choose not to be forced yours to choose

love seany xxxx

  • YNK000
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17 Apr 09 #108364 by YNK000
Reply from YNK000

The jumper is knitted, use it to keep them warm, if they say they don't like it, remember in the winter they will want to stay warm, they will remember the jumper and come fetch it to wear.

The jumper has potential.


  • Elle
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18 Apr 09 #108726 by Elle
Reply from Elle
The jumper is worn out 79!

Elle x

  • constanza
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  • Visitor
18 Apr 09 #108739 by constanza
Reply from constanza

Sounds like you have had the most amazing challenges over a ridiculously long period of time. I only know the details you have given above, but they say enough.

Firstly, you must be made of strong stuff to survive this long and still be on your feet.

Secondly, there is obviously a bigger reason you have made it so far......a future as some sort of Advocate, from all you have learnt? A best-selling self-help book?

Thirdly, how do you manage to look so great in your picture, under the circumstance? Sell your secret!

Stanza x

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