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He wont reduce house price

  • stewfox
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  • Junior Member
23 Aug 07 #2322 by stewfox
Topic started by stewfox
I’m living (Im male) with my new partner, we met long after he had an affair went of with someone. He lives with his new partner 2 miles away

I’m selling my house (under offer) we want to buy together

Her house has been on the market for over 8 months. She lost a buyer 7 months ago as he refused to co-operate

Now he refuses to drop the price. Occasional viewers no takers , its near railway line small garden for its size. He refuses to change estate agent

Now the equity should be split 60/40 in my partners favour, she has proof

He did agree (but not sign anything) 55/45 split

Because we cant sell we offered to buy him out but he now wants 50/50 down that route, so he is playing silly games. He is still paying 50% mortgage buts its small

Given he wont reduce the price my view is my partner should bite the bullet and get the courts to decide equity split and price of house for a quick sell. The difference between 40% and 50% of equity is £26,000

There are pages and pages with their solicitors and it get her and now me down

He is a bully and has some violence in the background but doesn’t scare me one bit. He got RSPCA to come around and said house was untidy etc etc Dog fine house immaculate

No children are involved

Any ideas ?

I wish I could just talk to him (nicely) only Solicitors are winning at present :(

  • jay160602
  • jay160602's Avatar
  • Premium Member
  • Premium Member
23 Aug 07 #2332 by jay160602
Reply from jay160602
Hi, just my opinion he might be a jerk but in my eyes its got nothing to do with you, infact if i was in the same position as this guy there is no way i'd cooperate with an ex's new partner.

  • stewfox
  • stewfox's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
23 Aug 07 #2334 by stewfox
Reply from stewfox

Im her partner

I pratically live there

Am selling my house have offered to buy him out myself from my sell

Don’t really need a ‘moral’ answer just a factual one thanks

If you want the moral bit he tried to strangle her and had an affair 4 months before they married, the marriage we assume was for financial gain it lasted less then a year

If he wants to be twat he will answer to me, she has great fear of him

Im really looking for the legal take on it

Im assuming a court could enforce a sell , her solicitor is not very helpful

The problem with bullies is they live on fear, ive told partner we will offer to take stuff around to his, if he really wants his stuff , that should that not be fine ??

  • jay160602
  • jay160602's Avatar
  • Premium Member
  • Premium Member
23 Aug 07 #2336 by jay160602
Reply from jay160602
You will need to go & see a solicitor if you need factual.

But Err like i said he might be a jerk, but i presume he's still legally a joint owner of the property. if he isn't in a rush to see the money he may well want the asking price rather than settling for less than what the house has been valued at.You say he still pays half the mortgage whilst your living there? so he's paying for you to live there? Have you offered to buy him out at 50% of the market value, he does pay 50% of the mortgage or am i missing something?
Someone always gets screwed over in Divorce/seperation, so he wants 50% now the goal posts have moved, happens all the time.

  • stewfox
  • stewfox's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
23 Aug 07 #2337 by stewfox
Reply from stewfox
ok 'removing the emotional argument' of course i see your point

he is paying around £200 a month towards a small mortgage

he doesnt know of my 'existance' but must cotton on as my car is there

The house has been on for same price for 7 months so lets assume he thinks the market will turn etc.

Now he once said he would accept 45% when house sales (3 months ago) now he says he would only accept 50% if he bought out. Its only entitled to 40% (but again to be fair thats what my partner says)

If he is happy to be a prat and change his mind and pay mortgage etc when im there so be it. However im assuming the courts can 'enforce a sale'

My partners solicitor said she would inform the police if he trys to turn up without notice

Its hard to 'remove' the emotion i guess

id have offered to buy him out after 2 months (she could easily afford to do that) but she said she didnt want to as she was scared didnt want to live there

I had a problem with my ex i moved out (yrs ago) and i found out she wasnt taking weekend viewings and refused to drop price (joint ownership). at the time it was a sale throught courts, she let me buy her out

Point to all this is does anyone have any expereince of force sales through the court

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