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New here...what is ancillary relief?

  • disruptivehair
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28 Aug 07 #2557 by disruptivehair
Reply from disruptivehair
JLGsDad wrote:

He could just have fallen into the grip of lawyers and has been encouraged to sue first "before she shafts you" (shaft being a legal word taken from the 15th century term for taking advantage of our female-friendly divorce laws:ohmy: ) to earn them nice fees.
Is his getting 50% of the house profit wrong? With no kids I would have expected a 50/50 split even if he has put in more than you from his higher earnings.
IMHO, calm down and then look at things afresh and from both points of view.
Good luck.

I'm calm; no judge in his right mind would award that man maintenance, particularly since when he filed the petition I was unemployed and he has in excess of 35,000 pounds sitting in a bank account in the UK. He doesn't need money.

I did say in a later post that I had spoken to him and it was not his intention to seek maintenance payments from me.

Personally I think deceiving me as long as he did and walking out on me the day the movers came to pack up our house is about as low as you can get and I thought he was lucky to be getting the 50/50 split, particularly as he lied to our solicitor and told her that he had discussed it with me beforehand. This was three days before we were supposed to go back to America together...what was I supposed to do, stay and fight? If I'd asked for more I probably could have gotten it and I thought he was a b*stard for getting half the money...I'd have liked 10% more to compensate me for his idiotic handling of the situation...but I'm so eager to be rid of him and his disgusting family that I don't want to bother with any of it.

  • divwiki
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29 Aug 07 #2584 by divwiki
Reply from divwiki
Following on from all that good advice on Maintenance Pending Suit, my x2b also says that this will appear on the petition because despite her having twice my income I have substantially more in savings. The only dependent we have, the dog, she's left me with!

She claims to be "desperate" for cash and seems to have run up an overdraft since leaving me a month ago, but am I really responsible for new debts she incurrs? She says the debt means she can't pay the solicitor and court costs, but she is the applicant! She says her solicitor thinks the court will order I pay costs and maintenance until settlement. She has just three hours legal aid.

The debt situation may be mudddied by the fact that her notice of tenancy hasn't yet run out and she hasn't told her solicitor she has moved (as she turns up looking for mail from him). However, I can show that I am paying the arrears she built up before she left on Rent and Council Tax and I've informed CTax that she moved out.

Finally, if she does get maintenance etc, would I be entitled to ask for any monies paid out should be reduced from the eventual, hopefully Clean Break, settlement?

Sorry, Tex, to broaden the debate: hope he hasn't sullied your view of all Brits!B)

  • disruptivehair
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29 Aug 07 #2587 by disruptivehair
Reply from disruptivehair
divwiki wrote:

Sorry, Tex, to broaden the debate: hope he hasn't sullied your view of all Brits!B)

I lived in the UK for many years so I know they're not all like him but I definitely won't be marrying another one! My x2b is middle class but his mum is working class and she has serious issues with people who aren't working class, or who at least weren't born into the working class which I was not. She has this attitude that poverty is somehow heroic but at the same time she buys lotto tickets every week and actually watches the drawings anxiously to see if she's won! That's REALLY sad.

I have some friends in the UK that I'd like to keep in touch with but realistically we'll probably lose touch with each other as I'm back in the USA with no desire to even visit the UK anytime soon (if ever again) and they have no desire to visit Texas. They asked me if the KKK still marches here. Uh...not usually! :lol:

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