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maintance !

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13 Sep 07 #3350 by bluenutter
Reply from bluenutter
dear fiona , mike and mscowell, thank you for you help. i went to court today and met with my sol , he told me there had been a mistake made and the fault lay with the court service. he said if i hadnt of called him he wouldnt have known about it, he said the court would have been responsible for the mistake not us. i would like to explain to you my position as i was in a bit of a confused state yesterday and i dont think i made much sense! lol. my marriage ended in jan 2004. my ex refused to go to counsiling with me to save our marriage, i really tried to make things work for yr 2003 - 2004, but to no avail, after christmas i might as well been on my own with my kids so i asked him for a divorce. he refused to move out so i didnt know i should have stayed put and i moved out with kids to a rented house a few miles away, thinking we would have the fincincal settlement in a few months, my husband seemed to have other ideas so i got a sol and applied for legal aid. as we live in northern ireland the divorce proceedure is different from the main land. so 4 yrs down the line i gave up being nice, i was trying to do the right thing by him as you hear so many bitter men in how they were done over in the divorce, i just got tired asking my husband to sort things out and him igorning me for a while i thought maybe he wasnt coping but a few months back he moved his girlfriend in and well long story short my eldest girl was very upset and i cant and wont have my kids hurt, i have managed to keep things ok between him and them up to now but it took my daughter to show me that i was fooling myself and as she said dad has time for this girl but not for her and her brother and sister. he never has them and hes only 2 miles away, tells them hes always working! i couldnt put him down to them as i still live in the hope that some day he will relaise just what hes missing by not being there with them while they grow up. anyways i just told my sol i wanted it sorted now not later so he suggested taking him to court for spousal maintance to give him a kick start and guess what its worked! went in court today and hes got 2 months to sort things out and has agreed to a date to sit down and sort out the home, what that out come will be depends a lot and his details which he handed over today and the valuation for the home. we hope now to have it sorted before christmas. it is looking like what mike suggested is one of the main options open to me as i am disabled and unable to work full time,i have the kids full time as well, they are 5, 7 and 11. we own the house jointly. the sol is going to give me the options open to me once he gets the valuation and this is to happen in the next couple of weeks. anyway i hope i make a bit more sense to you all now as i said above i was in a bit of a state about going to court as i didnt know what was in front of me! again thanks so much for your help!, xox
R x

  • wscowell
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14 Sep 07 #3356 by wscowell
Reply from wscowell
Well done R, good to know things are starting to move in the right direction. And yes, sometimes the Court do screw up and fail to send documents to the right place, or at all. We get it here all the time, a trickle every month goes wrong. It's a consequence of the Government starving the Courts of cash I think.

There's always someone here to help. Keep us posted.


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21 Sep 07 #3728 by makyntash
Reply from makyntash
Get a better solicitor. They need to specialise in family law and keep you informed. Their mistakes can be very expensive. I've used the same ones for 6 years and they are great. My ex is on his 4th firm! They have all been incompetant. Get a referal from someone who has used the firm. I use Flint Bishop in Derby. They are also in Nottingham and are the largest in Derbyshire. Dont know where you are but if you are anywhere near them I would use them.

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