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Financial statement now or at separation??

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23 Aug 12 #351369 by FINANCE
Topic started by FINANCE
I shall be filing for divorce and am unclear about the section dealing with the financial arrangements.
The marriage was 9 weeks long and we have been separated almost two years.
Do I complete the financial information as at the time of separation in 2011 or now?
When my ex left there were lots of debts and a hefty mortgage, yet almost 2 years on I have almost paid all of the debts solely and managed to get a lower mortgage rate now.
It seems unfair to show my good financial health now on the divorce papers when at the time of separation my finances were in such a bad state of health

Any advice welcome what to do

  • minxy1912
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23 Aug 12 #351472 by minxy1912
Reply from minxy1912
i am only a novice, so don''t take this as correct,but, i think you fill it in as it is now,but when it comes to court you can then explain and prove your past.
Hope this helps a little.

  • sexysadie
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23 Aug 12 #351488 by sexysadie
Reply from sexysadie
Financial statement as things are now.

However, with a 9 week marriage, if there was no significant pre-marital cohabitation, you would take out what you put in so your ex should have no claim on your current assets, unless you have a child together and the child lives with your ex.

Best wishes,

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03 May 13 #392001 by FINANCE
Reply from FINANCE
This is the latest update.
I saw a solicitor of the divorce and now I have a home rights notice order placed on my property and am unclear what will happen next.

Cohabitation 12 months
Marriage 9 weeks

Own home since 1995 when we met. Remortgage own home in sole name and release equity £30k as deposit on new home
Rent out old home and purchase new home £135k using equity deposit and mortgage sole name.
12 months later stbx moves in
12 month later get married
9 weeks later separate
2 years later file for divorce under 2 years separation

No children of the family now but at the marriage 2 of my teenage daughters now left home
He had no home and was declared bankrupt just as we met

Value of FMH has risen to £140k now and at separation I had £15k of marital debts (sole name) stbx was a bankrupt and could not obtain credit.
I have paid all debts since separation and they are now cleared.

Stbx wants a share of the total equity in the home, ie: the total £140k house value so a pot of £40k equity and also a share of the equity in my previous home owned since 1995

Can anyone tell me if he has a cat in hells chance of getting any equity as his solicitor thinks he does

Thanks in advance

  • NoWhereToTurnl
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03 May 13 #392007 by NoWhereToTurnl
Reply from NoWhereToTurnl

Short marriage, no dependent children, each takes out what they brought in. You could offer him a couple of K to soften the blow and get it sorted out quickly.

Best wishes,


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03 May 13 #392015 by FINANCE
Reply from FINANCE
Thanks for the quick reply.

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