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Ex not contributing to mortgage or joint debts - what can I do?

  • WILKO1990
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28 Sep 20 #514251 by WILKO1990
Topic started by WILKO1990
I am 41, Ex is 43

No children together or since break up for both of us. No step children.

Married for 7 years, together for 11 years in total.

The divorce is currently in process - we have exchanged form E's and have sent out the questionnaire responses. He delayed the First Appointment with the court to give him more time to respond and these were due to be exchanged last Monday but he hasn't sent back the necessary documents to his lawyer yet so this has been delayed again.

I earn £42k, he 'apparently' earns around £30k according to form E. He is a self employed Electrician and does a mixture of cash in hand and contractor work. He lives with his girlfriend who he shares his household outgoings with. He pays £300 per month in rent in a council property.

When he moved out, he agreed to contribute £840 per month to cover his half of the mortgage, council tax, joint credit card debts, debt to his mum (for house renovation) and joint life insurance. As I was staying in the FMH, I agreed to pay for outgoings like electricity / gas/ contents insurance etc - which I think is absolutely far.

Last June, he decided that he did not want to pay towards any of the above anymore and stopped paying me. I have seen on his bank statments that he had £6000 in his account at this time so it wasn't because he didn't have the money. He has a regular DD for his car payment but apart from that doesn't have any other debt.

Therefore I now pay the following every month on my own:

£1000 mortgage,
£160 council tax
£350 joint credit card debt
£60 life insurance
(I stopped paying the money to his mum)
Plus all of my own outgoings like electricity / gas etc and my own credit card debt.

This has now amounted to £10,000 in unpaid payments towards the agreed joint payments. He has not paid a penny into the joint account since this date.

I took a mortgage payment holiday and credit card payment holiday for 3 months but these start again this month and I don't know how I am going to pay them.

I am now getting myself in further debts with expensive lawyer fees, increased credit card debt etc (which is killing my credit score). I can't stop paying the mortgage or paying credit cards, life insurance or council tax.

The amount of stress this is causing me is absurd - I can't live my life as I am constantly worried about money, can't afford holidays or anything nice as all my money goes on outgoings. I live on about £300 per month after everything has been paid.

I need to know if there is anyway of getting him to start paying towards the mortgage again or even better - his agreed £840 a month. I can't believe he can get away with this?

Any advice gratefully received!

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  • Moderator
28 Sep 20 #514263 by WYSPECIAL
Reply from WYSPECIAL
It is usual for whoever remains in the FMH to pay the full mortgage as they have sole use of it.

You can’t have joint credit cards. Whose name are they in?

The loan from his mother, unless fully documented, will be treated as a soft loan aka gift.

Have you applied for single adult reduction for your council tax.?

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