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leaving-what can i take

  • maidstone
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  • New Member
26 Oct 07 #5318 by maidstone
Topic started by maidstone
am leaving next week
partner in denial thinks am staying
what do i and what can i take
have a joint account with several thousand pounds in and assume can take i/2
will need it was intending to take a third leaving money to cover house etc
am not the main breadwinner
earns 4x more than me
beenmarried over 20 years and its gonna be a long week

  • Camberwick green
  • Camberwick green's Avatar
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  • Elite Member
27 Oct 07 #5350 by Camberwick green
Reply from Camberwick green
I just want to say Hi and say you are in the right place!

My ex took stuff that clearly wasn't his out of spite and I couldn't do a thing about it, although i paid him back by stripping the interior of the car he took away from me all cos it wasn't in my name, this was my lifeline as i was living in rural Germany at the time!

Just don't be unreasonable I say, it only makes things more bitter in the long run...

interested to hear any replies too

  • TMax
  • TMax's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
27 Oct 07 #5351 by TMax
Reply from TMax
ok for the 3rd time of trying to reply to you the last two didnt get thru :-(

ok if you are still of the "I must go" way of thinking then consider this... it will unless you can both be extremley calm and considerate to each other turn into a quagmire of accusations claim and counter claims against each other. be prepepared for anger and probably pain of what is siad to each other. I can asssure you it will turn that way unless you are both willing to talk and share.

1. have you attended M/counceling
2. have you involved soliciters yet
3. if so have you been to mediation
4. are there children involved
5. earnings, pensions, savings, property, share all go into the big pot at the end for consideration of share.

nobody here can give you an exact amount you would get out of the pot mainly because each judge is different, I suppose it depends on how they got out of bed.

6. going through solicters and courts IS very costly. average Soliciter charges £175 ph. her assistant is £125 ph. her clerk is £75.ph £25 per letter plus cost of phone calls. If barristers become involvd then the cost could double that, consider things very carefully.

As for taking what you would like out of the MH then if I was you I would list everything in the house and both sit and talk about what your taking and if possible photograph it, my sol had to get an order to goto my Xs property to photograph everything she had and she siad she had forgoten where it came from :-)I wouldnt strip the house or break things :-)it causes bad feelings hehe.

Post what info you have to date and Im sure you could be helped as time goes along by people who have been thru this.

  • soulmanuk
  • soulmanuk's Avatar
  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
27 Oct 07 #5358 by soulmanuk
Reply from soulmanuk
mine as set up home with her new partner, she didnt want anything from the house ecept her clothes, wedding dress??? sewing machine and pics of the kids when they were babies, can i put claim to anything she as bought for her new home even if she cliams her partner bought it?

  • TMax
  • TMax's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
27 Oct 07 #5369 by TMax
Reply from TMax
Doubtful :-)but, nothing to stop you trying :-)it will cost you more than youl gain tho :-)unless of course your happy that you may get one over on her no matter what the cost:-) Mmmmmm the things I would of liked to have done for revenge but cant afford to.

But now after all this time realy dont give a plop any more about it, The fact that when my X left and I appear to of got over it with no bother to get on with life set up seems to upset my X more than her leaving me got to me.

My X took the lot £s, furniture, food. For 4 years I lived with just a camp bed a 2 ring camping cooker, a couple of camp chairs and table. Now there is nothing new in my house all came from sale items in the paper apart from the matress of course :-)and of course some new windows put in this last week, hehehe another story :-)

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