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help! pension cetv

  • Louise11
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21 Nov 07 #7249 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11

"where I work with my clients to find the best place for their money."

THE BEST POSSIBLE PLACE FOR "YOUR" "CLIENTS" MONEY IS IN THEIR POCKETS!!! NOT YOURS! STOP TOUTING FOR FREE BUSINESS! If you really want to help people on this site then do so but remove your website off here! And register like a Lawyer does!


Like i said in previous post "and anyone else who wants a ruddy fee out of your divorce! DO NOT EMAIL HIM!

Louise :angry:

  • Soldierblue
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  • User is blocked
21 Nov 07 #7255 by Soldierblue
Reply from Soldierblue
Is there a way to get this parasite off of our site

  • Specialdad
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  • Platinum Member
21 Nov 07 #7258 by Specialdad
Reply from Specialdad

I dont think you are popular!!!!!! :P

  • lilyrose
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21 Nov 07 #7260 by lilyrose
Reply from lilyrose
Thank you for jumping in. I'm obviously going to have wise up and quickly or I'm going to be taken to the cleaners not only by ex but by 'legal experts' as well!

  • Peter@BDM
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24 Nov 07 #7567 by Peter@BDM
Reply from Peter@BDM
Lilyrose and others.

I think that I’m about to be labelled as a parasite, but I’ve been called worse! Please have a look at an earlier posting www.wikivorce.com/joomla/Divorce-Forum/F...-ACTUARY-REPORT.html and maybe ask Howier whether there was anything improper going on. Some people really do want to help if they can.

Pensions are tricky but they are not as difficult to work out as everyone assumes. True, they cannot really be described as interesting though!

May I suggest that you start by having a look at the free information on the excellent sharingpensions website at sharingpensions.co.uk/ scroll down the page and you’ll find a whole section with information about pensions and divorce with no attempt to sell you anything.

As usual, Louise11 makes a lot of sense. On what you said about the pension in question a pension sharing order is unlikely to be a good idea. They are very costly to set up and implement, the court has to make an order, a lawyer – possibly assisted by a pensions expert – needs to draft the instruction to the scheme and then the scheme has to implement the order. Costs of £2,000 - £3,000 on this aspect alone could be incurred, which will bite into the £50,000 value or your pockets one way or another.

For technical reasons, pension values quoted by schemes can be unfair, but it can be expensive to find that out. In VERY rough numbers, an average final salary scheme valuation (Cash Equivalent Transfer Value) could be 20% shy of a “fair value”. Therefore, my simple maths suggests that your ex2b’s pension could be worth £60,000 instead of the quoted £50,000. Equally, it could actually be worth just the £50,000 quoted.

If you were going to try for half the pension, an optimistic view would be that you just might get another £5,000 out of the deal, but you and your lawyers would have to prove the point and argue the case. That could very easily cost you (and/or your ex2b) £1,000 or so. That is not a win for either you or your ex2b.

There are exceptions, particularly where certain public sector pensions are involved – e.g. the police, fire service, armed forces etc. Most family lawyers are well aware of these issues, so your lawyer is the person to ask.

It is possible to get valuations done for a lot less than £1,000, but unless you really understand what you are doing don’t even think of going there. Ask you lawyer!

I’ll very happily “but out” of this if asked (told), but if I can be of any help giving information, please reply by posting on this forum and I’ll do what I can. Otherwise, I’ll just sit back and take wait to duck the hail of stones.

  • TMax
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  • Platinum Member
24 Nov 07 #7586 by TMax
Reply from TMax
:-)posted it to many times hehehe
apart from that didnt want to post it yet but no delete key available :-)

  • TMax
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  • Platinum Member
24 Nov 07 #7587 by TMax
Reply from TMax
Im open to all help that is free and I can understand with my limited knowledge, as in the pevious posts we had on pension.
Lets try this :-)
Ok X or is it HEX :-)
1. Has had the share of assets signed sealed delivered.
2. Has now come back and is putting in claim for half my pension already in payment, at the Moment I have no idea what he value is but perhaps if i say its 6240 a yearmay help.

3. 504 of this pays my mortgage.

4. I have to date had one heart attack and 1 minor stroke with residule problems left behind. ir left leg and arm.
5. Im 59 and at a rough guess I doubt ill reach 70

6. HEX :-)X signed to say she would not claim any of my pension due to the settlement she had taken. it never reached court due to her dissapearing acts.

its an MOD pension

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