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Can it get any worse..........

  • Jane2002
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  • Junior Member
23 Nov 07 #7489 by Jane2002
Reply from Jane2002
Thanks for all of your advice and support folks.

Yes I have all the documentation from the transfer of deeds right back to the beginning and the selling of the first house.

As for my monthly outgoings, they are all paid by direct debit so again I have a paper trail.

He left the force after receiving a written warning regarding being over the limit whilst on duty.

Once again, thanks folks;)

  • Louise11
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  • Platinum Member
25 Nov 07 #7650 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11

Then he surely still has his pension intact but obviously frozen, you are entitled to part of this and i would use it as a bargaining tool for yourself.

Kind Regards

  • attilladahun
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25 Nov 07 #7667 by attilladahun
Reply from attilladahun
Graves v Graves

Short marriage

H not entitled to a meal ticket for life

H is under a duty to maximze his earning capacity s 25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973

Get him a newspaper -a yellow highlighter pen- and tell him that with all his
****ce experiance he can be a security guard

Then tell him to beep off as he is likely to get diddly squat!!!:)

  • carys1972@aol.com
  • carys1972@aol.com's Avatar
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  • Visitor
25 Nov 07 #7676 by carys1972@aol.com
Reply from carys1972@aol.com
Well I do know a number of ex job who now work as police station reps ( and annoying get paid exactly the same as us solicitors!!) who have left rather than wait to be sacked over exactly the same issue but also some that faced suspension, disciplinary and subsequent dismissal only to try to get back in on apppeal. In the Met certainly their appeals hardly ever succeed!! I'm not a family lawyer but with the documenatary evidence you have u should have a good case to refute any claim he is making by being able to show he already received his share of any equity. The previous advice u received from another member is important in that u may well be entitled to a part of his pension ( and as they go police pensions are good) so might be worth getting some advice yourself. However if there are no kids u may just want to get rid of him by sorting out and ousting what he is claiming and leave him to it!! Hope u r feeliong better

  • Louise11
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26 Nov 07 #7741 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11

So now this is a website for running down "drunken" police officers is it?
How many times do you attend "Suspicious deaths? Cot deaths?
"Women so badly beaten they are hospitalized for months?
Children badly beaten, abused and sexually assaulted. How many people have you had to cut down who have commited suicide by hanging themselves? How many rape victims have you comforted? How many road traffic accidents have you attended? How many murders have you been too? How many horrendous scenes have you witnessed in your career? NONE? No because as a "criminal solicitor you do nothing but try to get the "criminal" off with their crime however horrendous it may be!
Its no wonder many police officers are alcoholics? They have to deal with so much S**T, that members of the public dont have to see on a daily basis! Instead of taking the piss out of them shouldnt we surely be helping them to overcome their "illness"! Do you honestly think a police officer drinks and drives because he thinks hes above the law? If anything they get treated massively different to the general public if caught! It is a sackable offence and they get their pensions taken straight off them and depending on the offence are more likely to end up in prison than any other member of society!
You say "ex job officers" end up working as Police station reps? Are you saying they are all drunks who left the job rather than be sacked????????? "and annoyingly get paid the same as you???) SO THEY SHOULD BE! They dont just drop into the job you know!! They train for it! As for most "criminals" i think most would rather a Police officer of some 25years experience who knows the law inside and out, have them help them than some text book solicitor whose just left University!
Don't get me wrong in every walk of life there are good and bad in any job, but where police officers are concerned there is NO other job on this planet, where if found to be one of the "bad" ones they will get punished far more than any other person in any other job!
Your remarks have totally offended me, hence my response to your post.
You are a Criminal Solicitor, who im sure in your job, have many a friend who is a family law solicitor, yet you come on here to ask for free advice, because you think the fees involved in divorce are too high! thats where you should be aiming your prejudices at. As for your comment "and annoying get paid exactly the same as us solicitors??? None of you, Solicitors are worth what you get paid! NONE of you!

Kind Regards

  • Camberwick green
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26 Nov 07 #7742 by Camberwick green
Reply from Camberwick green

ouch thats gotta hurt!

well done Lou B)

  • Specialdad
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26 Nov 07 #7746 by Specialdad
Reply from Specialdad
I duck behind the sofa and got my cricket box out when I read Louise's post!!!!!!!! :lol:

I dont think she was having a go at all police officers Louise just the ones who get caught being drunk. :unsure:

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