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FMH equity

  • zippy
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  • Junior Member
02 Jan 08 #9842 by zippy
Topic started by zippy
My wife and I are splitting up and have decided that she will stay in the FMH with are 4 year old son, I will pay her maint for my child at the csa rate.

With regards to the FMH we have agreed a 50/50 split of the equity, she retains all furniture and fixings and I take the outstanding debt(not mortgage).

Equity is about 100,000 outsatnding mortgage is 75,000 outstanding debt is 17,000.

she can only afford to give me 16,000 at the moment so 16% of the equity how do they work out the other 34% when she has to pay me, either when my son turns 18, she remarries or co habits

  • gone1
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  • Platinum Member
03 Jan 08 #9864 by gone1
Reply from gone1
I think what happens is that a charge will be placed on the home and she will have to sell at a certain age of the child say 18 or when the child leaves full time education. I dont remariage or co habit is a trigger. The reason she is retaining the fmh is because of the child. Chris

  • Monitor441
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  • Platinum Member
03 Jan 08 #9869 by Monitor441
Reply from Monitor441
I am going through this at the moment. The normal triggers for you getting your money are as follows:

Your wife cohabits with someone for 6 months,
Your wife remarries
Your wife dies
Your wife becomes bankrupt
Your wife sells the house to move (although I have recently seen this not included so the charge is on next property)
Your child lives with you for the majority of the time for a six month period.
Your child turns 18 (or in some situations when they finish tertiary education)

In my situation, I have waived the cohabitation trigger but I am pushing for all the others including when my youngest turns 18


  • Canary
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  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
04 Jan 08 #9957 by Canary
Reply from Canary
I am also in this boat, but am increasingly worried that I'll have nothing when we start sorting this out - waiting for petition to arrive.
We have no savings to split or other assets and the house will be tied up with the mesher arrangement up to 13 years Will I also have to lose all my spare income on spousal maintenance? Do the courts take into account that I'll need my income to save for things as I have nothing (though can afford to rent etc)?

  • Specialdad
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  • Platinum Member
04 Jan 08 #9972 by Specialdad
Reply from Specialdad
Spousal maintainence and Child maintainence are not the same thing.

Mesher order usually includes a charge on the property.

If she has assets in the future she can pay you off anytime.

  • Canary
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  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
04 Jan 08 #9985 by Canary
Reply from Canary
Special Dad thanks
I am happy to pay and can afford the child maintenance, but she only wants to work part-time while the kids are school age 11 and 6. The petition is about to arrive and I am off to solicitors when it does, but I understand her solicitor has filled it in to apply for spousal maintenance as well. If she gets this it will leave me with no money to save for a deposit or a car or emergencies as well as getting the fmh. Do they take into account that I will want to save for a deposit rather than renting extortionate london prices for flats?

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