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Form E Questionnaire deadline to answer - tomorrow

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09 Apr 12 #322563 by epitome title
Topic started by epitome title
Hi guys

You may remember back in February I had my First Appointment. The DJ looked at our questionnaires of each other''s updated form E''s and directed that we had until the 29th March to answer them and until the 10th April to produce valuations on each other''s houses and the field.

Well, stbx has produced an updated valuation on the field, which I have agreed and also a market appraisal valuation on his house, which I did not. I spoke to the valuer who spoke to stbx and they both agreed to up the valuation on his house from 175k to 180k - a minor moral victory i felt. However a couple of weeks ago i got a call from the valuer who said that stbx had asked him to hold off upping the valuation as he wanted to speak to his solicitor. I felt this was very kind of the valuer to let me know this as it gave me a heads up and has probably saved us arguing over 5k.

I had a chat with my sol and said that i was not prepared to argue over 5k and said that we should continue to agree the valuation on the field but insist we take into consideration the portion he sold in 2010 for 30k as the valuation has pretty much proved 10k per acre, and had he not sold approx 3 acres, it would now be worth 220k but also say that although i do not agree the lower valuation i am prepared to accept it in the interests of moving on and being reasonable.

We have filed my answers to his questionnaire within the deadline to his sols and the court but so far, he has only produced the field and house valuation, no answers to my questionnaire so guessing he has not filed his at court.

So .... tomorrow is "the" deadline - I wonder if we will get the information?

The FDR is on the 11 May - as the "dispute" is really over the field and his pension, I feel that it would be right for me to "take a view" on everything else if it comes to it, but I will play hard ball on the two things that I mention above.

Not sure I have any questions of the wonderful wiki peeps, however opinions are more than welcome

lots of love xxx

  • jonathancj
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10 Apr 12 #322753 by jonathancj
Reply from jonathancj
The solicitor is dead right - to argue over £5,000 would be madness. I suspect you are right - you probably have enough information to go off to have an FDR. Do I take it your ex doesn''t have a solicitor?

  • epitome title
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10 Apr 12 #322779 by epitome title
Reply from epitome title
Hi Jonathan

My stbx does have a solicitor - not a very good one I have to say or perhaps I just judge her on my own solicitor and she does come up very short. But hopefully that will just be to my benefit.

Thank you for your reply, so far today we have not heard anything from them even though the deadline to exchange answers to questionnaires was on the 29th March and today is the deadline for the valuations - although we do have his valuations.

They had both my answers and valuation of my house in time for the 29th March deadline.

It can only not look good when we get to FDR, but I do hope that the DJ will not just give him extra time, just realise that he is stalling and make some sort of decision as to what would happen at FH - that way we can just get on with trying to negotate a settlement at the FDR or shortly afterwards.

Many thanks again for your reply

Kind regards

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