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Obstruction in reaching a financial settlement

  • csh
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18 May 12 #331330 by csh
Topic started by csh
Although my solicitor is good, I''d like to seek third-party opinion on a matter that is causing me much frustration as well as cost.

My wife and I separated after 4.5 years of marriage in the summer of 2009, within days of her obtaining her UK citizenship. Worn down by four years of almost continuous verbal and psychological abuse following the first year of marriage, my hope had been that we might simply allow two years to elapse and then seek divorce on the basis of a 2-year separation. My wife, however, launched a divorce petition on the grounds of ''unreasonable behaviour'', her eight ''Particulars'' all falsehoods, each contradicted by her own well documented writings. (Example: her claim that she was obliged the quit a well-paid job in her home country in order to join me as my spouse in the UK, while in fact her part-time fixed term post was seen through to end of contract, and she had in any case on the Internet dating site through which we met sought only men living in and around London.)

She is now engaged to the multi-millionaire with whom she was in a relationship up to the month in which she and I first met. And yet she is not only pressing for a substantial financial settlement from me, but also intransigently refusing to compromise, thus dragging the divorce procedure into what will soon be its third year. In terms of solicitor''s fees alone, this is unsustainable (though she appears to be in receipt of legal aid, choosing to work no more than 2 days a week due to an unspecified and undocumented ''illness'').

So my questions: are there known precedents (for what palpably might be construed as a long term strategy of immigration fraud)? and is there any way in which I might, through my solicitor, expedite the conclusion of the divorce?

Thank you.

  • NoWhereToTurnl
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  • Platinum Member
18 May 12 #331334 by NoWhereToTurnl
Reply from NoWhereToTurnl

  • dukey
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  • Moderator
18 May 12 #331338 by dukey
Reply from dukey
The divorce itself is a paper work exercise so there is no reason why that should take more than a few months.

If your talking about the money side and court, well that takes as long as it takes, usually around a year if contested all the way to a final hearing, some can take much longer though.

Do you have proof of the engagement?.

If i were a betting man i would say she reckons she is disadvantaged in language health and left a fantastic job to marry you and now she cannot replicate that job here, oh and the breakdown of the marriage is all your fault, oh and she only came to this conclusion once indefinite leave to remain was granted.

  • csh
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18 May 12 #331347 by csh
Reply from csh
I think your bet is basically sound, dukey.

The permanent post she''d had in her home country had been prematurely terminated one year before we met--I have documentary evidence of this. She was, at the time of our first contact, unemployed and she had yet to commence a fixed-term part-time contract; I have, in her own handwriting, a statement that this latter contract was completed through to conclusion. In short, there was no ''fantastic'' job in her home country.

Language was never an issue--she is an English speaker of African origin.

She has consistently lied, not only to me throughout the duration of our marriage but also to others, including false claims on her CV, her job application forms, and in online public documents. She has claimed awards and achievements that are pure fictions.

After indefinite leave to remain was granted, her manner changed dramatically. She went to immense lengths to persuade others at various times that I was schizophrenic, autistic, violent, adulterous, syphilitic, alcoholic, and--believe it or not--a spy in the employ of some unspecified government. (Clearly I am none of these things.) Her modus operandi was straightforward and insidious; for example, asking my next-door neighbour if I "had a history of violence", complaining to a marriage guidance counselor that I consume lashings of whisky everyday (I don''t even like whisky!), complaining to others that I refused to buy a second property in her home country (whereas in fact I found a property and was going to purchase, but she prevented me from doing so), surreptitiously bad-mouthing me to colleagues at a staff party hosted by one of my colleagues ... the list is virtually endless.

The only evidence I have of her present engagement is a posting buried in her Facebook for 2010 announcing (with photograph) her engagement to the boyfriend from whom she claimed she''d become estranged some days before she first made contact with me through an Internet dating site (though I was subsequently to discover that she had remained in email and telephone contact with this former boyfriend throughout our marriage).

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