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  • blonde cazza
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12 Jun 12 #336204 by blonde cazza
Topic started by blonde cazza
I have read some of your posts and in one way i feel lucky...lucky that i own my own home and that no one can take it away from me now.On the other hand i feel cheated that if i take the Ancillary Relief route i have been threatened that my ex will come after my home even though he has just purchased his own.
I have walked away from a 17 year marriage with just this new home ive purchased but that was out of inheritence ive had from my parents because they passed away.
Its a huge gamble to know what to do as he has a new home, 50k pension,paying basic csa amount which is for another 7 years till our son is 20 and he has a wage 5 times the size of mine.
I have my home 6k pension and a small wage and are paying the debts off.
He is even so bitter about paying csa amount and doesnt contribute extras at all.He is intent on telling people that he soooooooooo hard done by and has no money but he fails to tell people why the deed was drawn up in the first place.when we sold our last family home he phoned the solictor and told her he wanted half the equity put in his account and he spent it 40k if i hadnt put my inheritence in the new house we wouldnt of had a new home and i spennt my half of the equity on furnishing the house!.
Im alot luckier then some of you on here but i paid the price i lost my parents and i think that if i hadnt been so quick of the mark and mentioned the deed my ex would of tried to claim half of that.
I do find it unfair that after 20 years i seem to get nothing something wrong there..

  • LittleMrMike
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  • Platinum Member
12 Jun 12 #336210 by LittleMrMike
Reply from LittleMrMike
It''s hard to advise anyone without the full facts, but one thing is clear, you both have homes, and - well, not everyone is that fortunate. More often than not, one spouse ( or both ) finish up in rented accommodation.
Having regard to the fact that you need a home for your child ( and I''m surprised he objects to paying CSA, not many men do ) and that he has a home, I would have thought it unlikely that he could make a successful claim on house in proceedings for Ancillary Relief. On the face of it your earning position will have been compromised to some extent, and the Courts do take that into account ; as one judge famously said, the cock can feather his nest because he doesn''t have to spend his time sitting on it.
I''m a little worried about the discrpancy in your incomes, pension and the fact that you seem to be responsible for some of the marital debt - should he, at least, take responsibility for part of it ?
I think you have a duty to yourself at least to take an hour''s legal advice ; you need to achieve closure anyway.

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