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Form E advice

  • furryfish
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13 Jun 12 #336584 by furryfish
Topic started by furryfish
Have been searching the site and found lots of useful tips but now after 2 weeks of research my head is spinning. After 4 long years of divorce proceedings I have run out of funds and will be self repping from now on.
Absolute was granted Feb 2011 and only now after many hasteners for financial resolution has my ex wife applied straight to the courts for financial order.
Am trying to complete form E and the guide posted on this site has been a valuable resource. I am just wondering if anyone can guide me to where I can find out what is admissible on this form and what is best left unsaid. I don''t want the form to be rejected or look bad in front of the judge. I know every form will be case specific but am starting to fret as am running out of time to get these exchanged.
Please help

  • dukey
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  • Moderator
14 Jun 12 #336656 by dukey
Reply from dukey
Not really sure what your asking.

Form E ask questions relating to finances they are quite specific, its just about money and not to be used as a statement.

Issues you have go in the statement of apparent issues or whatever the court ask you to file.

  • furryfish
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  • Junior Member
14 Jun 12 #336697 by furryfish
Reply from furryfish
Thanks for the reply.
I have lots of queries with regards to answers as my finances are up in the air at the moment. Brief of situation is:
Seperated in 2008 and divorce proceedings have been ongoing since. I have been posted overseas for the majority of the proceedings and have been through the mill, denied child access, false accusations the lot. Absolute finally granted in Feb last year after I chased it up despite being the Respondant.
I started cohabiting with my new partner, her children and our new baby last summer after being posted back to the UK as am in the Army. Had to relocate partner 250 miles to join me which meant that she could not return to her job after mat pay. We are living in a rental property because the exwife destroyed and flooded my property which I had moved her and the children into after seperating. I had bought this 3 years before meeting and it had been rented out throughout the marriage as we were housed in Army married quarters. I cannot remortgage due the current state of the property and cannot raise funds to repair therefore paying bills for 2 properties at present. I am now due to leave the Army which was all approved 2 weeks before recieving the letter from exwife solicitors. My release date however isn''t til next Feb so although I am training for a new career I have no idea of future earnings. I don''t want to waffle on the form but don''t want to be seen hiding anything.

Maybe someone could answer just a few.

2.15 Estimated total of all in next 12 mth
Do I just put a total of what I know I will recieve from my current employer up til release date?

Can I state that if I can find funds to repair the house I will no longer need to pay rent and utilities on the other property?
can I mention partner no longer being in employment?

Do I half all utilities and rent amounts for the property that I am currently cohabiting in for my personal needs and then for future cost do I double up due to partner not being in employment or just leave as the half share amounts?

Do I include the half of child expenses for new partners children?

Can I put down;
Dog van for new job
Money to repair my property
Funds needed for a solicitor and court fees for child contact.

Is this bullet points such as
Am now cohabiting
Paying 2 sets of bills
House is derelict (happened just over a year ago)

Being released from the Army
Hoping to recieve a gratuity payment for resettlement of £*****

The big questions
Is this bullet points or do I give a full explained breakdown?
I owned a property and car when entering marriage
I remortgaged my house 3 times to fund the marriage and clear debts.
I housed the children and ex in my property after seperating and paid her utilites and transferred lump sums and was prepared to do this til the children were 18.
I solely have been paying off a large loan taken out to consolidate the last of the marital debt.
I was paying into saving accounts for the children (until ex emptied them)

Is this bullet points or do I include an attached explanation?
List is very long just with bullet points and that is just for the bad behaviour with regards to finances!

Can it be mentioned here that the ex is a qualified beautician and that as the children are in full time education and her mother looks after them most of the time therefore she now has an earning potential.

Sorry for the long list but after reading many many posts there seems to be lots of suggestions and I need some clarity.

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