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He''s run off!!!

  • Rosieapple
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  • Senior Member
04 Jul 12 #341063 by Rosieapple
Topic started by Rosieapple
Ok so here goes...
Going through Ancillary Relief all sorts of dodgy behaviour becoming clear
Opening accounts in my name, transferring funds out of these into God knows where???
I have made an official complaint to bank.
Forging my signature to HMRC
Claiming secured loan against house proven by conveyencing sol to be untrue
Somehow tagging bank statements to my 97 year old grandmother''s bank to make it look as though he was paying her back for money loaned, infact he was transferring money to his accounts???
All in all about 15 separate accounts
In all this totals iro 170k
Closing one ltd company opening two others
Had FA last month Judge ordered
All tax returns for three company''s
Explanation for ''secured loan''
Explanation for HMRC and on and on
Now it looks as though he b****erd off!
He was supposed to see kids last weekend didn''t show up
Was supposed to file answers to my questions last Wednesday not a sausage
My sol keeps calling his sol they are refusing to answer
Had nasty car crash last Sat ( car knankered ) texted him to tell him, asked him to call kids he didn''t bother
Help!!! What happens now??
In debt sol fees, been ripped off by tens of thousands by husband
Can you just run away??? In financial proceedings??
Please please help, I don''t want to ask my sol as she will charge me and I can''t afford to throw any more money at this.:dry:

  • Reddit
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  • Elite Member
04 Jul 12 #341064 by Reddit
Reply from Reddit
Write directly to your ex and his solicitors - no need to have your solicitor write and incur costs. Inform them that you you intend to pass on details of the alleged fraud to the police and they should contact you immediately to explain why you should not. This is not a domestic dispute, this is criminal conduct.

  • Rosieapple
  • Rosieapple's Avatar Posted by
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
04 Jul 12 #341091 by Rosieapple
Reply from Rosieapple
Thank you Reddit
It''s starting to feel as though I am completely out of my depth here
As more and more fraudulent accounts/signatures are emerging my sol
seems to be getting quite stressed it''s as if she doesn''t have a clue anymore than I do
I knew he was acting very strangely very aggressive towards me and the kids.
At the time I was living in a remote part of Spain I didn''t drive then & the nearest bank was 30km away nor did I have Internet access as the only computer was his and it was password protected
If he doesn''t reappear and we go to the next hearing a FDR at the end of this month what do you think the Judge will say?
Will she say ''tough'' or does she have the authority to ask someone to find him?
I know it sounds very odd indeed
Anymore sound advise greatly appreciated:silly:

  • livinginhope
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
04 Jul 12 #341098 by livinginhope
Reply from livinginhope
I agree with Redditt.From what you say he has committed criminal offences,probably much more than you know,so I would think it''s no longer Family Law involved.The Police probably will need to be informed to stop things escalating.Are you now back in the UK and is this now his place of residence?

  • Action
  • Action's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
04 Jul 12 #341105 by Action
Reply from Action
I definitely agree with the others. You should not be spending your time, money and emotional energy on what is clearly now criminal fraud. I think by the scale of it he''ll be in big trouble. It''s amazing the lengths some people will go to to swindle their spouse.

  • Rosieapple
  • Rosieapple's Avatar Posted by
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
04 Jul 12 #341119 by Rosieapple
Reply from Rosieapple
Thank you guys am totally alone with this, up until this afternoon that is
Yes I am back in the UK now
Sadly I''m a massive wimp when it comes to stbx
Been though all the Child Court thing 2 years ago now
He wanted residence of middle son didn''t want little girl or troublesome teenager though :angry:
Then because I was happy for first time in 16 years, I left the divorce/finances till now wish I hadn''t bothered brought it all back to me tbh
It''s odd but I find it hurtful that whilst we were married still with another miserable 16 months to go he was doing all of this.
I have complained to the large high street bank (who have enough of their
own problems atm )
It has gone to their complaints department they have said that to transfer
such large sums over and over again 300k one would have had to go into a branch, that a query would have arisen to do all this on-line, so he must have gone to the nearest branch in Javier
What dressed as a woman?!
He''s 6.2 and smells
If I do go to the police aren''t they going to say it''s a civil matter?
Hell hath no fury etc etc
One point which is really pathetic of me, in all of this, what is upsetting the most is that he made me and eldest son homeless.
Eldest son slept rough for 3 weeks my stbx knew this, eldest son lost 3 stone in weight. he has never paid any maintenence for him only the minimum for the youngest 2 (Ltd company)
Yet he donates £240 pa to the NSPCC
I digress isn''t this a civil matter?
Thank you so much xxx

  • dizzybee
  • dizzybee's Avatar
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  • Elite Member
04 Jul 12 #341126 by dizzybee
Reply from dizzybee
Hi Rosieapple,
My just read your post and thought I was reading about myself.
Firstly, My ex did all the "jiggery Pokery" as your ex falsely selling shares at undervalue, resigning as Director setting up up LLP@''s and other Ltd companies to filter money through. Money laundering, etc etc etc.
The problem you have is a case like this is so complex it will cost a fortune to unravel it through the family courts. As you said something like this is way out of a lot of family solicitors understanding and experience.
I too thought I would just hand it all over to the police. I thought better of it as I thought by the time HMRC and everyone else had their share (They always come first) there would be nothing left for me and the children.
Interestly I asked my barrister who had been 30 yrs at the bar when fraud had so obviously been committed what do judges do. He said only once had he come across a judge that had suggesting the Inland Revenue and police be notified. Unbelievable.!
If these monies are over seas you will have an uphill struggle courts dont like fishing expeditions. You would need a forensic accountants report to make some headway but it all takes time and as I said huge sums of money.
Sorry to sound negative but if your ex is determined and beligerant he could drag this out for years.
I am not sure what will happen in his absence at court but if his solicitor has any sense he should report him as he is an officer of the court and his primary duty is to the court not to his client.
please keep us posted.
Good Luck

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