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1 month 3 weeks ago #512331 by Trebor1234
I want to apply to set aside my consent order. I signed a heads of agreement on 25 Oct 2019. Signed the consent order 19 February 2020. The Consent Order was sealed on 5 March 2020. I received it on 2 April 2020. My FH on 23-25 October 2019 was turned into a FDR because her Barrister had not prepared her case well enough. I had already been turned down on an application to postpone the PTH on 3 October 2019 and FH on 23-25 October 2019. On the 30 September 2019 my mother committed suicide. 3 days earlier I'd been diagnosed with cancer. And a day before that my solicitors fired me because I couldn't pay their fees. All of this after three years of wranglings. I'm LiP and have spent the last three weeks putting together my application, The supports why are 1. she has not supplied Full and Frank disclosure, 2. I was under duress to attend court and agree something, 3. Coronavirus as an unexpected event has completely and utterly buggered up any sense of a meaningful outcome for me. She. lied about money I found that out 4 weeks ago. I lost the family company so have had to start all over again. so due to Coronavirus I have no possibility of any income. And I have only now, 6 months on, mananged to gain my wits, after a successful cancer op. to realise how stitched up I've been. I also have dylsexia and under stresssin a court room I fell apart
I am now comeltely up to speed on case law so I don;t fall into any traps. But for the life of me I can;t workm out the correct procedure for applying to det aside the Consnet Order. The emnedmenet sin Octobe 2016 to the FPR 2010 ar enot easy to udnerstand given my dyslexia. \i', LiP. I need to get my application off quicky as the decree abslite has not yete been Prouned. CAn anyone help? PLEASE?

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