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Ex playing Dirty tricks to Influence the judge and court hearing

  • enm1sg-sandy
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03 Apr 22 - 03 Apr 22 #519090 by enm1sg-sandy
Topic started by enm1sg-sandy
We both are mature Asian Indian LIP in their 50s and Ex is represented by herself in the D11 finacial court hearing as she has not complied with the FDA court order. The judge was a mature English man In the last d11.

I was represented by the Barrister and Ex came without any barrister and represented herself in the face to face D11 finacial court hearing. She was without a barrister so Judge was always soft and kind to her

Whenever the judge tried to give his opinion judgements against her will, then she start crying and making drama, shouting playing dirty single woman card who represented herself so the judge always got scared and tried to calm her down then change or giving a final verdict to suit her thinking she is without any money to afford the barrister and I am having barrister so as LIP representing herself in court hearing she should not be at disadvantage anytime even I am at loose

in other words for me having a barrister causes more losses than having it. due to Ex playing dirty tricks to influence the judge.

What are the option available for me in the next hearing which is a two-day final financial hearing?

1) one of these is I also represent myself without any barrister in the next financial court hearing so having a level playing field for both parties to represent without a barrister

2) Secondly if the ex again tries to play the same dirty tricks in the next financial hearing then if I can object and bring them to the judge's court attention to her behaviour or just keep mum on her bad behaviours and dirty tricks

3) Thirdly if I want to object to her bad dirty playing tricks then how can I object and what should I say to the judge passing my concern clearly and politely without offending the judge as LIP representing himself without a barrister.
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  • rubytuesday
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  • Moderator
05 Apr 22 #519097 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday
Are you able to elaborate on what you mean by "dirty tricks" - "dirty single woman card" doesn't really explain, and is offensive to women.

Judges have a duty to ensure that all litigants, especially those without any representation at all, understand the process, this can be made more difficult to achieve if, for example, English isn't the litigant's first language or they have struggled to fully understand the process and what the court has expected/directed them to do.

There is merit in having a barrister with you as a litigant in person, especially at a final hearing - barristers know the law, are used to speaking in court and cross-examining, they are also professional arguers, and having a good barrister can mean the difference between a mediocre outcome and a good one. I don't think it would be wise to cut yourself off from that expertise and professionalism simply because you think the Judge may look more favourably at you as a result.

  • enm1sg-sandy
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  • Junior Member
05 Apr 22 - 05 Apr 22 #519099 by enm1sg-sandy
Reply from enm1sg-sandy
I tried to elaborate on what I meant by the dirty tricks she played in the last D11 court hearing. I applied for D11 panel notice applications where she had not complied with lots of FDA court order dictates.

The judge was agreed in the hearings that she has not complied with lots of FDA Court order dictates and ordered her to comply but in last, at the end of the hearing when my barrister ask for the cost order as she wasted deliberately court time by not complying with the court order the Judge agreed with the cost order and say cost should be awarded as family law procedure as per section 28 . on this occasion she starts crying and shouting that she doesn't have money and this guy wasted whole my life and start cursing, shouting and abusing me in front of the judge then judge got scared being an English mature man and he tried to calm her down and judge change his mind and did not award the cost order
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