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Losing my job

  • Robert1977
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  • Premium Member
08 Apr 08 #18947 by Robert1977
Topic started by Robert1977
I am potentially going to lose my job on 14th April. This is whilst going through divorce settlement process.

It is not a deliberate loss of job. I feel I have been victimised at work for the past couple of years now and that they have been looking to get rid of me. Quote from my boss to another staff member "we got him now".

I believe I can prove the job loss is not intentional as it was not work related. (But as I was in company van so will bring company into disrepute).

Please don't judge me harshly, I would mention details so you can see how petty it is, but would like to protect my anonyminity. I have been victimised and am not surprised by the latest disciplinary action against me over a very minor thing. Honest.

My questions really are as follows. If anyone can answer one or each of them that would be a great help.

Q. I am currently on £30k per year, but this is not an income I can expect to receive elsewhere as the job is specialised to the company I work for and I have worked my way up for 18 years to that grade. I would not be able to find a new job on the same amount as I am not qualified in anything. All training was on the job and specific. So would any judge / CSA take new income into account or still base it on my earning potential based on my salary prior to job loss.

Q. While proceedings are going through I pay my stbx money for the children. Would I tell her directly that I can no longer afford these payments or would it be best to write to her solicitor? (who is quite agressive towards me). I dread to think how the news is going to be taken.

Q. I have handed in all muy financial disclosure. I guess I will have to update it?

Q. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At this rate I could be the one claiming SM!!! Just kidding, I really worry about my children if I am to lose my job.

I intend to find a new job as I have worked all my life, but firstly I am going to apply for housing, JSA etc just in case it takes longer as each week that goes by I will be in further debt. Even on th £30k, after rent, bills, money to my wife I struggle and am in debt. That's why I have no solicitor.

Thanks in advance.

  • LittleMrMike
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  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 08 #18957 by LittleMrMike
Reply from LittleMrMike
The obvious issue, to me, and one you haven't mentioned,
is this.

Have you considered the possibility of a claim for unfair dismissal ?

The point is that there is a time limit for making such a claim. When I did this sort of thing ( by which I mean lecturing about it ) it was three months. You must, I repeat must, get in your claim within the limit.

But it could just be possible that a claim might succeed, if you have done nothing to warrant such an extreme step.

This isn't what you asked for advice about but it is the first thing that comes into my mind. You need to get down to a CAB pronto, preferably a bureau with someone who can represent.

You also need advice on benefits. That is another reason for seeing a CAB, they should also give you advice about how to deal with your existing debts.

Unfortunately, I'm about to depart for the USA in a few days' time, so can't help directly. I think a claim for unfair dismissal, if you make one, might give you a little breathing space. It would show them that you aren't taking it lying down.

If your circumstances have changed, you really must
revise your form E. I can't see you have any choice.

Good luck
Mike 100468

  • Robert1977
  • Robert1977's Avatar Posted by
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  • Premium Member
08 Apr 08 #18960 by Robert1977
Reply from Robert1977
Many thanks. I may claim unfair dismissal. I have Union Membership and representation and will appeal any dismissal. One problem is my union rep asked me to keep a diary about 6 months ago as HE believed I was being victimised at work. I did keep a diary but after the last disciplinary occurance only a couple of months ago, where I was downgraded in my post and not allowed ot reapply for any job for 12 months, the manager was moved on to another location, so I thought things would change. I threw the diary out and have now heard that you need times and dates for any sort of claim. Examples I was visited at home twice while off sick for 3 days, under the guise of checking on my welfare, I knew it wasn't. This was my only time off sick for years and no one else gets home visits. I was passed over for promotion just prior to this and the job given to a cousin of one the interviewing panel with 2 years experience while I had 17 years under my belt. I knew this would happen prior to it happening. It's that kind of place. I was downgraded recently for allowing someone in my charge to sleep on duty at 4am, and for not find him alternative work. We had no transport that night so could not get out and about to do our usual job, and we had run out of work to do in the office. You can only clean and file for so long on a 12 hour night shift. The sleeping person got away scot free (not that I want him to be punished, I just use that example) while I got the whole punishment for allowing him to sleep. Yet the latest incident where I am now in my lower grade, I get the whole blame while the grade above me gets away scot free (again, not that I want him to be punished) despite allowing it to happen. It seems one rule for one and then when it comes to me it is a completely different story. I am denied leave without reason though I follow the protocol for applying...sorry, this is a little off topic, but I am not a bad person and not trying to deliberately lose my job. I would much rather my children had money and respect for me than to lose out.

I have worked my whole life and one of the main reasons being to give my children a good existance, to keep them fed and a roof over their head. I'm scared of the future. I always was with this divorce hanging over me...but I really dont need this to happen at this time.

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