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Ex still using my address 9 years after divorce?

  • GlosBabe
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  • Senior Member
25 Jan 14 #420196 by GlosBabe
Reply from GlosBabe
BoysMum wrote:

I have been through the exact same thing, it''s time consuming and utterly exhausting. I had letters daily and debt collectors at my front door looking for him. Because he does not register on the electoral roll, when these companies ''trace'' him, it leads straight back to my house.

When checking your credit file, also check the section ''Searches'' as one company was often searching my credit file looking for him. I also financially disassociated myself from him.

In the end, I just gave them all his address. Didn''t go down too well, he reported me to the police for harassment. Since that day, I have never heard from any of these unscrupulous agencies.

Interesting. Just wondering, how did you know they were searching your files for him? There are searches on my records, but no mention of his name - would there be?

As you say, it''s all so time consuming.

It''s odd, not once has a debt collector turned up at my door.

  • BoysMum
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
25 Jan 14 #420207 by BoysMum
Reply from BoysMum
I keep a very close eye on my credit file, I am a member of CreditExpert and check it online most days. If anything changes on your credit file changes, they email you. Anyway, they sent me an alert saying there had been a recent change and it was a search. I clicked on the search and it said the applicants name as my ex''s name. It said which company had performed the search so I googled them. It was a major debt recovery company and I phoned them. I complained that they were searching my file and can you believe, they said they couldn''t discuss it because of ''data protection''!! The only advise they could give me was to financially disassociate myself from him.

I eventually found my ex''s new address and phoned the company and gave them his details. Every time I received a letter for him, I returned it with his forwarding address and the same when debt collectors called at the house. I think they only send someone out on a doorstep call if there is a large debt. My ex owed in excess of £250k so they were very interested in finding him.

Regarding your credit file, the searches that are showing, are they yours? It always says the company who performed the search so if it''s not a search on your personally, you should be able to tell. If you have a search for example by Barclays, you would know if you have applied for a bank account with them. I am pretty sure I have been contacted by every major debt company looking for my ex so if there are any searches by companies that you don''t recognise, send me a PM and I could probably tell you who they are ;)

  • GlosBabe
  • GlosBabe's Avatar Posted by
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
26 Jan 14 #420266 by GlosBabe
Reply from GlosBabe
Thanks, but it''s only searches that companies have made about me - insurance mostly, none by my ex. I''m sure he has had letters sent to him here by every company and debt recovery company too. I didn''t realise there were so many!

His debts are nothing like the amount your ex''s are, so that would explain why no-one has bothered to turn up here. I reckon he owes about 20-25k. Enough, but not enough for them to get off their backsides. Besides, I now think he would be able to get away with his debt, as they all must have been chasing him for more than 6 years now.

Thanks for your help :-)

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