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The four basic steps to reaching an agreement on divorce finances are: disclosure, getting advice, negotiating and implementing a Consent Order.

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how real is the divorce calculator ?

  • redoctober
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15 Jan 08 #10728 by redoctober
Topic started by redoctober
Hi there, am a newby and just wanted to know from the 'old hands' out there : is the Divorce Calculator a good guideline or can it be way off ?
Have just entered all the figures and the calculator seems to think I am entitled to FAR more than spouse has proposed.
I know that reality and haggling play a part, but it seems too good to be true !

Has anyone of you ever taken the divorce calculator results to their solicitor's ? What was the sol's reaction ?

Just let me say : I am glad for the existence of this site...
Take care

  • Young again
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16 Jan 08 #10809 by Young again
Reply from Young again
Hello Red. I am also new and would love the calculator to be accurate but even though it seems like a wonderful thing, is it based on a programme used by the courts? Does the judge use a computer? Has anyone's results come anywhere near the calculator's prediction?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

  • Tinny
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  • Platinum Member
16 Jan 08 #10811 by Tinny
Reply from Tinny
I dont know about anyone else, but the calcualtors prediction in terms of equity split was 100% accurate in my case, 60:40 to him. I got confused with maintenance so didnt put too much emphasis on it and luckily it has worked out ok.

I suppose at least if you are accurate with the figures you input it will give you an "idea" of what "might" happen.


  • mike62
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16 Jan 08 #10814 by mike62
Reply from mike62
I have read so many times on here - different day, different Judge, different result.

The court financial outcome of divorce is very subjective, so the calculator will give you a good idea of what you MIGHT expect. Nothing is written on tablets of stone sadly.

Best of luck


  • redoctober
  • redoctober's Avatar Posted by
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16 Jan 08 #10820 by redoctober
Reply from redoctober
Thank you all for the information. Spouse has proposed a 60-40 split in his favour and the calculator seems to think that it should be 70-30 to me.
Although I do not believe that this will happen (maintenance was also predicted as astonishingly high) it is a good basis to start negotiations.

A more general point : if you have a solicitor who tells you to accept what you know to be a truly unfair settlement, DO NOT take his/her word for it. And do not be fobbed off by comments like " I want this to be resolved for you in the cheapest way possible " and " The court will not see it any differently".

Ask questions, gather information, get an informal opinion by another solicitor, but do not cave in!
Before starting this process I was of the incredibly naive opinion that a solicitor is supposed to be on your side. I am quickly learning!!!

All the best

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