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legal aid question

  • pattyb
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4 years 10 months ago #464981 by pattyb
legal aid question was created by pattyb
Hello forum
This is a difficult question to ask but my
solicitors did something awful to me in 2011, so bad that unfortuantely I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression
It caused me to be very ill.
They said they would put it right They wrote to me and offered to finalise my case for free,so no more legal aid. they said my
legal aid bill was £20,000 and would not get
bigger. There was a delay due to my severe
ill health and then i asked them for an intimised bill because I had been given a
different figure in an email, that was £2,000
lower and they still said in that email that
my final bill would be £20,000. In 2013 I asked again
for an itemised bill as they had not sent me
anything and I was going to go and get it all
looked at by another solicitor. They emailed
me and said that "they could not write off £20,000" (not that I had asked them to) and
the next day emailed and said that they would
limit my legal aid bill to £8,000. I accepted this as it was a £12,000 reduction
in the statutory costs that would have to
come out of my settlement. However, when
the matter conclude last month, they sent
me a letter saying that my legal bill is
about £13,000, not the £20,000 they had
been telling me in emails and letters from
2011 to 2015. They increased my legal aid
certificate to £17,500 in 2011 (I was not
aware of this as I had not received anything from lsa or the solicitors . I have
asked again for an itemised legal bill but
nothing is forthcoming. I think something
does not seem right about this as I thought
I was the equivallent of a private customer
from 2011 onwards and yet, they increased
the legal aid cert and I still do not know
what (or if) they used the money for. I am really
upset because they said they would put matters right and I understood that they
were knocking off £12,000 from my enormous
legal bill and it maybe that it was smoke
and mirrors and that my legal bill was never that high. I feel very duped because
i could have gone to another solicitor to
have it all looked at and if I had know that my legal bill was not £20,000 I would
have done so.I thought they were making me a good offer to reduce my bill so much and that they were putting right some of the damage they had caused me. Should I tell the legal
aid board or someone as something is not
right or transparent with the way they
have presented this to me. I am worried that
they are going to submit an enormous bill
and try and charge the Legal Aid board for
work that they have done after they said
that the would finalise my case for me
with no charge.:(
Any thoughts gladly accepted

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