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Liabilities and SM

  • somuch2know2
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25 Apr 12 #326542 by somuch2know2
Reply from somuch2know2
Im confused to why it doesnt sound realistic when its slightly on par with what you got.

Marital debt: how was this paid
Chidcare: do you have to pay for this?
Mortgage requirements: How big was your mortgage to re-house or were you able to buy out-right
FH: Was this settled between you or not?

There is actually little difference in what your ex offered you and what I am offering mine- you are just working with bigger numbers.

Parity being 100% and dividing smaller number into bigger;

monthly payments differ by +.02% (your deal .82/ mine .84)
but he got quite a bit of equity in the house- where the equity I get/ if i get any will mostly go on paying off marital debt.

Bring back the marital debt which she expects me to pay, the car loan I obtained when still married and have 5 years to pay on and the disparity becomes -.05 (in fiscal terms that is £130 for me/ £2,560STBX)

I would say my proposal is optimistic, but very realistic in the grand scheme of things.

And like all proposals there is room for negotiations.

  • sillywoman
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25 Apr 12 #326593 by sillywoman
Reply from sillywoman
Mathis, it doesnot matter that she only works 12 hours a week. That is what she works, fact. She didn''t work for the first 18 odd years and has only worked for one year. She is highly unlikely to fall into a job, due to her lack of experience.

Somuch worked very very long hours and reached a state in his career so that basically his wife didn''t have to work long hours or even any at all. In the neck of the woods I live in very few wives work. The husbands work long hours like Somuch and earn good salaries.

So lets just forget about her working hours and whether or not she could or should work more.

As she only works 12 hours, it would be in her best interest to work 16 as she would gain in working family tax credit.

The point here is that there is only equity in the house, no savings and not much pension.

However, there are 3 children, one at least of which is small and Somuch should be able to have a house which can at least have a bedroom for this child and hopefully a bedroom for the others if they choose to visit.

There is also debt, which Somuch is willing to pay.

There is a huge mortgage on the house up for sale which Somuch is paying now.

However, when the house is sold, the mortgage costs are gone.

Somuch''s overheads are mainly work related, carparking etc, and child maintenance.

His wife will have alot in child related payments but they will dwindle as the children reach 19 years of age. I am at that position now as I have only one child at home.

The main problem here is not the finances at all, but the fact that Somuch''s wife is terribly bitter and if she had any brain on her at all, she would use this opportunity whilst at least two children are at home to retrain into a fantastic career, cos I know I certainly would if I was in her position.

But the woman has blinkers on at the moment and is wanting to hurt Somuch as much as possible via the pocket.

At the end of the day, there is only so much money to go round, blood cannot be got out of a stone. If this woman continues in her actions particularly in parent alienation, Somuch will probably end up ill, with no job and then no money to give her.

Will she be happy then?

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