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Form E

  • Metplod
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19 Apr 12 #325121 by Metplod
Topic started by Metplod
Brand new on here so forgive me if this has all been covered before.

Divorced for 10 years. Daughter from previous marriage - now 13 yrs old. Paying £380 per month maintainance for daughter and a nominal fee of 5p per annum to wards the X.

Re-married with 3 children

Wish to vary Maintainance and bring in line with the CSA figure [Original court order stated that the X should bring her salary up so that Maintainance can be brought in line with current CSA figure. This figure is currently £271].

Sat down with X and tried to reason with her. X will not budge and I have had to take it to court.

I am the Applicant, X is the Respondant.

form E''s have gone in along with my Questionaire and Issues.

She has not replied to my documents, but I am about to send her my answers to her Questionaire.

1. X is asking for lots of disclosure, down to individual transactions on bank statements. Do I have to answer these in such detail?

2. I have stated that when I take my daughter out, I incur additional costs [on top of the £380 I already pay]. She wants a break-down of these costs. Reasonable?

3. I am the Applicant, but X has managed to get court date put forward to a later date, but the court will not tell me why?

4. How long do I have to wait for the Respodants replies to Form E etc? before I contact the court. My worry is that she will keep stalling so she can keep getting the max amount of Maintainance?

It states that we should exchange Form E''s and copies of bank statements etc.
We have also logged Questionaires.

Is it right that for the First Hearing, only the Form E''s are required and the Questionaires... AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REPLY TO THE QUESTIONAIRES AT THIS STAGE. The Courts will decide if the questions are reasonable?

  • vivi36
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  • Platinum Member
19 Apr 12 #325146 by vivi36
Reply from vivi36

I thought that a Judge decides if you need to answer an questions.

No 2: if my ex was asking to reduce my payments I would ask the same as he has our kids every other wknd and eats out for every meal. Even taking them to starbucks for breakfast. And always has to treat them with something like bowling or cinema. I have no problem at all with it but if he was trying to tell me that he needed to reduce my money I would defo be saying the same.

Another point is that my ex never fully submitted his bank statements, loads of pages missing. So in my q''s i asked for full statements and I got another fudged effort, not sure it went in his favour but I never ever got them.

Good luck xx

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