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Clean Break

  • vivi36
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18 May 12 #331457 by vivi36
Reply from vivi36
Isme, I think you have to go with your heart. If in your gut you want to fight then fight. I was advised right at the beginning of my case that I only get one crack at it so follow my beliefs 100% if it all goes wrong then I had no-one to blame.
That said there is also a point when you have to say balls to it because your sanity and health are worth so much more than any money that can go on the table. Rather be in a bedsit happy than twisted.
At the end of the day is what he is offering enough for you to continue?
My settlement was ''just enough'' but I am 40 years of age I can make the rest work, I won''t ever have that lifestyle again but I would never go back.

My mother also said that at the end of the day it''s just bricks and mortar.

Good luck

xxx (()) xxx

  • MrsMathsisfun
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18 May 12 #331459 by MrsMathsisfun
Reply from MrsMathsisfun
What do you think you will gain by looking at his company accounts

Do you think he would have made massive amounts of money and so you might be entitled to sm?

If you go to court the costs will soon mount up and you need to be certain that you will arguing over more than 20k to make it worth it.

  • Isme
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  • Junior Member
19 May 12 #331644 by Isme
Reply from Isme

It has all been going on for so long now and I am worn down by it all.

What he is offering I will be able to ''sustain'' myself but at the age of 50 and a 30yr marriage this is not what I looked for for my future.

Like you say I don''t want to end up bitter and twisted and need to draw a line under it but he had a seven year affair, I forgave him and we tried again but it ultimately ended. It hurts that he can go on to be a good earner and my future earning potential will come no where near.

  • Isme
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  • Junior Member
19 May 12 #331647 by Isme
Reply from Isme

It was just that he was claiming that his earnings are just over half of what they were. I just wanted to verify this and then go on to accept his offer. He is not giving me that option. I either believe him and accept his offer or he will take it off the table and go to court!

Leads me to think he is hiding something. At the end of the day the stress of it all is making me lean towards taking it and calling it a day and moving on.

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