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Forces Pension share when/if he remarries?

  • honeybeeee
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08 Oct 12 #359770 by honeybeeee
Topic started by honeybeeee
Is it true that on him remarrying my share of 50% of his Forces Pnsion Payment is STOPPED,because she will be entitled to it?

Is it correct that, as he wants the D. I''m suppose to foot the bill????

I have been told that not only am I entitled to 50% of Pension, but that I am also possibly entitled to a lump payout as well. Is this correct?

Also, that before & for a short while after we married I was in the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corp & must have been paying into a Forces Pesion Plan myself.

A good few years back I did try to find out, BUT kept hitting brick walls & got nowhere.....

If I contact F.P.people quoting National Insurance No. they should be able to tell me.Mind you it was 30yrs ago now. I was a 20 something, & never gave such things any thought!!!!

Again is this correct???

So much to worry about/think about!!!!

I gave up my nursing career. (Stupidly on hindsight now)

I have basically only worked P/T all my married life (both of us in agreement)in order to bring up our children, and for him to move up the Ranks.....

I only on Min. Wage.
Him excellent Salary & still only 55yr.

Learnt the other day that, unfortunately the job I had has been forced to lay me off...

Hubby not a very happy teddy about that.....

Would really appreciate any help/advise I can get as I need to sign Sol. Doc. agreeing to my Sol. representing me.
Incidently, she has been great so far.As far as I can see that is.
I feel she is really on my side...

Many thanks

  • ian conlon actuary
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  • Platinum Member
08 Oct 12 #359780 by ian conlon actuary
Reply from ian conlon actuary
1) If your husband dies, you are entitled to a spouse''s pension. Once you are divorced, if he then dies, you are not entitled to a spouse''s pension.
2) If you get a pension sharing Order as a measn of sharing the value of the pension then you will get a pension from age 60, although you may draw the pension at a reduced rate from age 55. If the pension share is implemented before your husband retires then you will also receive a cash sum from a Pension Share.

  • asram
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  • Platinum Member
08 Oct 12 #359781 by asram
Reply from asram

Please see the attached document which should help you with some queries regarding Pension Sharing. I have a feeling you may have previously said that your husband was now out of the Army but the booklet also has information on Pensions in Payment.

I have a small Army pension and this was taken into account in the Pension Sharing. I will have a CETV valuation so will check later where I received that from but I suspect it was SPVA Glasgow, the address for SPVA is also on the leaflet.



  • asram
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  • Platinum Member
08 Oct 12 #359891 by asram
Reply from asram
Hello again

I''ve checked and I received a CETV for my Military Pension from SPVA.

I would write to them quoting length of service, from and to, regimental number and surname/s whilst you were serving.

I believe you had to serve a certain amount of time to qualify for a pension but even if the result is they write back stating that you didn''t qualify you would still need to produce that.

Hope this helps


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