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  • juddermeister
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  • Junior Member
13 Sep 12 #355549 by juddermeister
Topic started by juddermeister

I agreed at court that i would transfer the FMH to her sole name but have now discovered that her new fella is named on the transfer documents? So i have not yet appointed a solicitor to act for me re: the house because i still have possesions in the FMH. She is refusing to let me have my stuff until i transfer the house, where my position is im not transferring the house until i have my stuff from the FMH and the stuff that is at her mothers house. Ive been blackmailed all the way through the last 18 months and enough is enough!!
So my questions are:
What if any? will the punishment be regarding being in contempt of court as i have not transferred the house within the stated 56 days? She changed the locks a long time ago after the court order and has refused me access to collect my stuff? Also refused me a key.

If i refuse to sign over the house can she expedite it through the courts and get the judge to order a transfer?

She''s been asking who my sol is but i just reply that im not appointing a sol until i have my belongings. She has told her sol that i am using the same sols that i used during the residence case but if i have not instructed them to do anything surely they will just ignore it wont they?

Ive been inactive over this matter because quite frankly after the residency ordeal, CAFCASS, losing my kids, my house, being accused of assaulting her, having to provide hair strand drug test''s, which i passed, doctor''s letter''s proving my ability to parent? dealing with all the lies and dirty tricks by the ex, being so in debt you would have sleepless night over it, having no income as work p/t, CSA on my case, living with my mum etc...i just cant afford to proceed with any more sols & after being let down so badly by the last one im not in a great hurry to talk to any other''s!!

So should i just get my name off the mortgage and be done with the whole episode completley & trust that she will return my possesions? I dont expect for one minute that i shall get them but at the mo i still have the right to enter the property as im on the land registry docs, once i sign over i lose all rights to enter that property & access to my stuff!!


  • hawaythelads
  • hawaythelads's Avatar
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13 Sep 12 #355556 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
If she has a solicitor why not write to them and say that you will be prepared to attend their offices to sign the documents on the proviso that they are in receipt of the items on the itinerary enclosed.
All the best
HRH xx

  • soulruler
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  • Platinum Member
13 Sep 12 #355572 by soulruler
Reply from soulruler
Great idea as then if they take you to court basically for contempt then you have a valid reason which you can show for a short delay until you have your possessions.

Sometimes I am ashamed of how us females can behave.

  • Cherub3
  • Cherub3's Avatar
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
13 Sep 12 #355611 by Cherub3
Reply from Cherub3
Wow Juddermeister ... this is nasty, nasty, nasty. I agree with what HRH has suggested re your belongings.

Sounds also like you need some space to get back on your feet. If you have managed to lock in a good child contact order than hopefully that will take care of that.

From what I have seen re courts if you are seen to be unnecessarily obstructive than it is not seen favourably. In your case, you seem genuinely concerned that you will not get your belongings back. So I think the idea above is the right one. If your belongings do not show perhaps you can have a detailed list ready, with the related values at the sol, do the transfer of the house on that day anyway showing your good will and ask her to sign a letter that she will allow you entrance on x date for collection in front of the sol, you should also request she pays for the letter as she didnt keep her end of your agreement.

I assume if she does not grant you access on that day it would be considered stealing and you could file a police report. But I would think the sol as a witness should be enough to get your things back.

I am sorry to hear of your situation and good luck.

  • Crumpled
  • Crumpled's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
13 Sep 12 #355637 by Crumpled
Reply from Crumpled
Hi it might be worth either doing what Haway suggests which seems to be a sensible solution or an alternative may be to contact the police and asking them whether a community officer could accompany you to collect the posessions to avoid any accusations against you or a possible breach of the peace etc

  • juddermeister
  • juddermeister's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
16 Sep 12 #356239 by juddermeister
Reply from juddermeister
can i reply this way??? test!!

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