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The four basic steps to reaching an agreement on divorce finances are: disclosure, getting advice, negotiating and implementing a Consent Order.

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To complicated for CAB - HELP?

  • Rebecca186
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06 Mar 08 #16007 by Rebecca186
Topic started by Rebecca186
great not :(, just managed to get in touch with CAB after weeks of trying to get an appointment and they have advised that my situation is far too complicated....thats just what I wanted to hear. They are sending me some information but think to be honest I have read most of it...via this very helpful site. Dilemma, they are unsure if I am entitled to legal aid earning under 750 a month and suggest initial "Free" consultation which in effect I believe gives me 30 minutes, how can I possibly squeeze in 25 years (23 years marriage) of my marriage into .5 hour with everything he has done to me financially etc. Need direction as to first steps I think...any offer of assistance so appreciated.
1. Wait until house Repossessed which I believe wont be as negative equity and bankruptcy court (his) will not enforce as children living albeit one working the other two still at F.T Education. (house in joint names)
2. Arrange to sell it privately although I do not think we or shall I say he will have enough funds to pay for solicitors, removal van, information pack etc
3. If I leave him and look for independant rental he will be unable to pay me maintainance and keep house going plus two older children want to live with me and honestly youngest is still my concern even though she wants to live with him (this will be very interesting as he has NEVER been a hands on father and only now are they bonding....too little too late but we will see)
Gosh I feel absoultely swamped with this mess I just dont know what to do where to turn and how to get out of this mess....
4. maybe should just stay together in house albeit separated but we still share a bed (no comment please) and he is telling me all his arrangements for the next couple of weeks including all his past women that are only "friends" that he will be staying over with...joy such joy.....

help PLEASE anyone

  • dukey
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06 Mar 08 #16016 by dukey
Reply from dukey
Hello Rebecca

Can you give a few details to help with answers please

How old are your children and where do they live

What is the value of your home

Outstanding morgage

At what stage of the repo are you

Your income

his income

Is your husband bankrupt now or still in process

What is his total debt

Thank you your answers will help us help you


  • Rebecca186
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06 Mar 08 #16057 by Rebecca186
Reply from Rebecca186
have posted previously, so apologies for repeating...but really honestly just dont know what to do and where to start.so in answer to your questions
We have only just agreed to separate so therefore still living under same roof which at present is amicable (ish) i would rather we sold and went separate ways but because of situation I do not thin an option so children living with us both still in home, 21, working, 19 nearly and leaves college June and 15 and wants to eventually live with father ....
value of home approx £360,000, mortgage £320,00 (remortgaged to fund his business which i didnt want to do but have to support dont you)...2 charges total 12,000 redemption £21,000...equity 0...
Bankruptcy court passing to baliffs however reading up I do not think or hope not that they will turn family out especially as negative equity plus re have no defaulted on mortgage...all bills paid up to date

My net income 750 his net 3900 (although he may be getting some more elsewhere but dont know how as he seems to be going out but always says hes broke....)

Hubby bankruptcy ends one year end march however they can claim upto 10 years...total debt please dont ask is awful but so is mine and I am currently paying off min plus interest frozen (at last) and cant go bankrupt yet, was doing IVA which was agreed and had monies to fund however he had no job and was still hoping his business would take off and therefore we used monies to pay bills and stay alive so to speak then he found job, contract, just as money ran out...amazingly (on hindsight)

No, thank you for taking time to even see if you can help me get out of this mess
Joke is tonight he is sitting next to me texting everyone....and all women he "played" with or where apparently just friends hes made arrangements to see over next few weeks and told me as he wanted to be honest with me...little late dont you think...then he sends me text to tell me he still loves me....good grief if he ever thinks i will forgive him for this...no way but I have been the fool for believing and trusting and always giving him the benefit of the doubt....x

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