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What more can I do so Low???

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10 Aug 2009 09:00 #137526 by midlands2009
Topic posted by midlands2009
I just feel like throwing the towel in after my court appearance. Im £4000 worth off thanks to solicitor and court cost and have achieved, I feel very little….

I lived with my partner and her children aged 15 and 18 from a previous relationship for 8 years, before we broke up 18 months ago….being decent I continued to pay all the mortgage whilst not living with her to help (yes I know its half my house and was liable for half anyway) -She stated that she could not afford to pay any of the mortgage. Eventually she paid half and then due to it switching to interest only in March this years a token gesture.

She cannot afford to take the mortgage on in her own name due to her income. I could, however begged, and pleaded for her to place in the house on the market so that we could both move on. She delayed and refused for nearly a year forcing me to take court action.
(There is no equity in the property).

So after I have spent a fortune on costs and at the last minute at court my EX suggests that the house is placed on the market in January 2010 not immediately. The District Judge agreed to her proposal and an order of sale has been granted for January. So no immediate sale and no cost awarded to me. She did not take into account that this had been going on for over a year and half.

This is so unfair the judge took no count that my ex failed to be amicable through out the process. To makes things worse my ex has stated that she will obstruct any sale and makes things so uneasy.

I cannot afford any more court costs - I am now broke. What can I do in January when she refuses to cooperate or more likely make things difficult?. Can I buy the house in my name? Can she object to me taking over the mortgage?

I just do not know what more to do…….wish I had let the place got repossessed.

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