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  • TeddyHyslop
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25 Feb 08 #14963 by TeddyHyslop
Topic started by TeddyHyslop
Hi, I am from the UK. I DESERTED the matrimonial home 2 years ago today. I was married in August 2004 in the UK. I wish to either have my marriage annulled or a divorce, (PREFERABLY ANNULLED). Here are my grounds.
1. My wife had not revealed to me prior to our marriage that she was addicted to bingo and the reason for the breakdown and divorce from her former husband was on the grounds of her addiction to bingo.
2. I have three children from a former relationship, and after I married, my wife told me that she hated little children (VERY STRANGE, AS SHE IS A SCHOOL TEACHER) and refused to let my children come and visit me at our home. When I wanted to see my little children, I had to go with my children and stay at my 28 year old sons home.
Both of the foregoing are TOTALLY UNREASONABLE and UNACCEPTABLE to me. As I stated, my wife NEVER DISCLOSED her hatred for children or her bingo addiction to me before I married her. I WOULD PREFER AN ANNULMENT but don't know whether it is possible or not. Anyone out there who can help or advise me PLEEEEEZ??? I am informed that under the grounds of CONCEALMENT, my wife concealed the fact that she was a bingo addict. CONCEALMENT is grounds for annulment as far as I am aware. Is this correct????

  • Vail
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  • Platinum Member
26 Feb 08 #15048 by Vail
Reply from Vail

I think the grounds for concealment relate to more fundamental things, eg insanity.

The reasons for annulment that you describe, while of fundamental importance to you, seem inadequate, especially in the light of you marrying in August 2004 and leaving in February 2006. It may be that your wife was adept at deception and you left as soon as you found out, after 18 months but it seems a doubtful argument to me.

Seeing as you've been seperated for 2 years divorce is certainly available to you.

  • kidsinbulgaria
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26 Feb 08 #15062 by kidsinbulgaria
Reply from kidsinbulgaria
Taxpayers money has been put to good use for a change !!

The government actually offers free advice and help on this subject.


you can request further information on this link:-


  • TeddyHyslop
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29 Feb 08 #15423 by TeddyHyslop
Reply from TeddyHyslop
Thank you so much for your input. I very much appreciate it. I shall file for divorce as I have been away for 2 years of unbroken contact.
Thanks again

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