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How i need to be?

  • Tati
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19 Aug 12 #350542 by Tati
Topic started by Tati
Married from 26th March 2011 to English man. Married in Russia, marriage is legalized.

Before leaving to husband to England, I had sold the property, left from job. I worked in Education of Russia.
My teaching qualification ended in April 2012. Without qualification I can not work. I am 58 years old. In Russia, at this age it is not possible to get a job.
I have a small apartment in Russia. It is located in a small village where is no job.
My apartment is empty because it sold before moving to husband. There is nothing for life.

I was very unhappy in marriage. My husband lost a monthly to £700-£2000 online games. Drinking a lot of alcohol, conceal information about financial accounts, acquiring loans without my participation, and personally made the decision to balance family and shopping for food. My husband enjoyed life, playing golf, skittls. And I could not afford anything because do not worked.
He are very aggressive when drinking. Constantly blackmails will be return me back to Russia.

Husband thought that if he makes money, then spending must himself.
My husband - a feeling of complete power and control over what happens. Thus not taken into account the fact that a harmonious relationship in marriage is possible only on the basis of equality.
Now he start filed for divorce. I was shocked when I got the Petition. He accuses me of aggressiveness and that I have a lot of time chatting on the Internet with friends. This is false.
He always closes on me all the room I sleep and eat in a small nursery.
He made me a horrible living conditions. For all the time living in England I am unable to watch TV. A few days ago when I entered the hall to pet clothes, he said he will call the police and say that I am unworthy of himself, and threatening. He says that this is his house and I do not have a right to be there and that I a stranger in this country so I will not believe.

He created me terrible living conditions. For all the time my stay in England, I am unable to watch TV. A few days ago, when I entered the room to iron clothes, he said he would call the police and say that I''m being unworthy and threatening.
I was frightened and left the house. In the nervous shock came to the police and made a statement. While I understand that all will prove problematic.
I have not any money and place for live. I start work only a few days ago and will get salary in a month.

  • TBagpuss
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  • Platinum Member
21 Aug 12 #350943 by TBagpuss
Reply from TBagpuss
Do you have a specific question?

Because you are married, you do have certain rights.

The house is your matrimonial home,which means you are entitled to live there (so is your husband) You shuld speak to a solicitor to register ''matrimonial home rights''against the hosue which make it hardr for your husband to sell or mortgage the house without your consent. You might be enetitled to an injuction to make your husban leave the house so you can stay thre safely in the short term, if he has been violent or threatening to you.

You would need to check your immigration position - you may not have the right to stay in the UK if you get divorced.

However, in deciding what should happen to the money and house if you divorce, a Judge can look at the whole picture, including wht you gave up by moving from Russia, and what you will need.

  • Tati
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25 Aug 12 #351869 by Tati
Reply from Tati
Thank you very much!!!

yes, i know after divorce i must back to Russia.

But I am worry about job. My husband said its my problem now.
I went to solicitor and he said that I can not ask any money from husband. No ticket, baggage, life.

I can not find a good solicotor. Solicitors what I visited told me that I''m so good woman but must to get away from the bad husband and forget about his help.

Where I can read the law on a crossing of one spouse from another country?

Is it possible to prove the economic and psychological violence (abuse)?
I want to file a claim for economic and psychological violence. WhatI have? I wrote letters to children in Russia about my unhappynes life here, is a diary written on the sites, said the students and teachers at the college, friends.

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