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  • mikkip85
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3 years 8 months ago #490504 by mikkip85
date of seperation 13/11/2015

From June 2015 of the relationship the Petitioner and respondent slept in different beds, the Petitioner slept in the spare bedroom whilst the respondent sept in the marital bed. This made the Petitioner feel segregated from the relationship and depressed.

The respondent often slept with the youngest child in the bed whilst she was breast feeding despite regular request from the Petitioner to find another system and stop the night time feeds in the marital bed as this was causing the respondent to lose a lot of sleep and struggle with the workload at his daytime job. Despite regular requests and being informed that the lack of sleep was affecting is affectability within the work place nothing changed this caused the Petitioner to feel ignored, depressed and unfit to support his family effectively.

The respondent was often critical of the long hours the petitioner worked despite him being heavily involved with the running of the department and store. This made the Petitioner feel unappreciated, worthless and unable to provide everything necessary for a good family.

The respondent and the Petitioner did not engage in any intimate activity from June 2015 till the end of the relationship. This made the Petitioner feel extremely negatively towards himself and made him feel very much alone and emasculated.

For the last six months both the Petitioner and the Respondent suffered depression. This cause a very unstable relationship and both parties felt they couldn’t rely on each other for support. This created a lot of tension and ill feeling towards one another.

The petitioner and the respondent have both moved on from the relationship both mentally and physically, both parties have been in relationships and find their lives happier for being apart. Only interaction is for the children.

The marriage has irretrievably broke down.

i need serious help. need to get rid of this woman!

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  • rubytuesday
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3 years 7 months ago #490721 by rubytuesday
Sorry you've not had a reply yet.

You would only need to use wording like this if you are divorcing under English/Welsh law, if you are divorcing under Scots law, then you will need to get a family law solicitor write a Writ based on the defender's unreasonable behaviour. Be aware that fault based divorce in Scotland carries a high burden of proof, and should the defender decide to defend the divorce, there will be a proof hearing (open to the public) and you will ahve to present evidence to the court inc witness statements etc. IN any case, a writ for divorce can't be done until the marital finances have been resolved (or are included in the Writ, asking the court to resolve the outstanding matters).

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