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Costs via mediation V costs via solicitor?

  • slowrunner
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28 Sep 09 #150352 by slowrunner
Topic started by slowrunner

I've just started all issues mediation - had first joint appointment but no progress on what we could agree on. I've now completed all forms - including all finacial info & hoped to swop this at 2nd mediation appt but stbx husband postponed appt for 6 weeks. I've said I'll continue through mediation but expect all details exchanged at next meeting or I'll consider doing this via my solicitor. I get legal aid for mediation as I work p/t and have 2 young children.


1. What costs am I likley to have if I use my solicitor to sort out finances & child issues rather than mediation - I can see him dragging the process out further.

2. I'm wanting to look at going for a Clean Break with regard to our FMH where I live with children (provided I get enough money to pay an extnded term mortgage.) Whats a fair split to offer as a pay out? He thinks 50/50 but I feel 80/20 is what I can afford due to my earnings. Marraige was 22 years plus 1 living together both contributed finacially. He left to live with new partner.

Thanks for any advise. X

  • dukey
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  • Moderator
29 Sep 09 #150516 by dukey
Reply from dukey
mediation is an opportunity to agree matters without using solicitors and court, advantages include saving time and potentially large legal costs,

Even with capped legal aid fee`s the cost can be high if the finances cannot be agreed and it goes to a final hearing you could have a bill of 10k, some much more, add to that the cost settling contact issues, well you get the idea........

The mediator will help you both see what could be a fair settlement for both of you, none here can answer b, without much more information such as the financial information the mediator has asked for.

  • slowrunner
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  • Senior Member
29 Sep 09 #150752 by slowrunner
Reply from slowrunner
Thanks for reply.

Is it up to me to propose a Clean Break & offer an amount/percentage to buy by husband out of the house or do we both merely fill in all the finacial forms and do our solicitors/courts decide on amounts.

Thanks alot.

  • markp
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29 Sep 09 #150754 by markp
Reply from markp
when i tried mediation, once we had established both our financial positions and the assets to be divided we where asked by the mediator to put forward what we thought would be a fair split and then talked about it untill we came to some sort of agreement and then we were sent back to our solicitors, this is where it fell done her solicitor advised her not to carry on, and we are now going to court.


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