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2nd Mediation Appt - Help

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09 Jun 10 #208241 by Ferrets
Topic started by Ferrets
Hey guys,

Going into 2nd mediation tomorrow and wanted to make sure that what im asking for seems reasonable. If someone could take a look and perhaps give some feedback.


Section 1 – Financial Discrepencies
a. I want a full disclosure of where stbx savings have gone , between the day we met to talk at mcdonalds and now. It looks as though they have been transferred to other accounts deceitfully or given to other people to safe keeping!!

b. I n the memorandum of agreement between stbx, and his Parents, it states stbx has been paying a total of £6005 to his parents from the date of May 01, 2008. In his expenditures form, he has listed a financial commitment of £250 per month to pay for this. At a rate of £250 per month, from May 01, 2008, Rob will have already paid the balance due, and can therefore not list it as a future commitment, leaving an additional £250 per month unaccounted for by stbx

c. Stbx has only provided details of his pension up to April 2009. Without an up to date valuation we cannot gain a true or fair split of this asset.

Section 2 – Agreement of Equity, Liability, and Asset splits.
a. Barclay card debt.
According to the discrepancy above, not only does this liability not exist, but even when it did exist it was a private arrangement made between stbx and his parents, without the knowledge or consent of myself. Had stbx approached me at the time we split, and asked to resolve the debt with barclay themselves, an arrangement could have been made, and it would be gone by now. As it stands, stbx went to his parents to make an arrangement without my knowledge, and only now after two years has told me about it. It is both unfair and unreasonable to expect me to pay a debt he created with his parents, and therefore i will not be paying. (the account was in his name and I was a cardholder)

b. Household Equity.
I am willing to agree to splitting the household equity 75/25 in my favour. My reasons for this are simple. Our join mortgage was over 25 years, and while we were together, we both paid for it equally. One year after stbx leaving, i took over sole payment of the mortgage, leaving 50% of it being paid for by myself. If stbx only contributed to the first 50% of the mortgage, he is only entitled to a share of that first 50%, and an equal split of that share would be worth 25% equity in the house.

c. Pension.
I am willing to take a 50% share of the pensions current value only AFTER an up to date valuation has been provided. stbx may choose whether this is in the form of additional equity in the house, a lump sum, or paid out upon his retirement.


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10 Jun 10 #208401 by Ferrets
Reply from Ferrets
Hello, anyone there!!! :)

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