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complicated ...

  • Charlie_P
  • Charlie_P's Avatar Posted by
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
24 Aug 15 #465866 by Charlie_P
Topic started by Charlie_P
I am in a rather complicated situation. I live in marital home, ex moved out 4 years ago with new partner. My home is in her name. I registered my interest with land reg, I have paid all bills and mortgage since separation. Married 14 years.
I have had years of emotional and financial abuse, most low level but it has been constant.
I have regularly been temporarily excluded from various areas of my home as she has various lodgers put in. If I have tried to use the front spare rood she has come round and chucked my stuff out etc.

Ok... she has moved this guy in, since April he stayed one or two nights a week.
We [ my daughter and I ] have caught him pinching stuff, going in our rooms, being disrespectful etc.

When he started staying here he agreed that I was going to be using this room as well as I have my personal belongings and some work stock in there. It was on a casual basis and any financial [re paying keep] arrangement was between him and wife as she has always had all the money from temp lodgers, not that I found it acceptable but just kept the peace..

Last weekend I found he had chucked some of my stuff out and had left me a note saying I have no right to go in HIS room..
I confronted him about this and he waved a piece of paper saying he has a tenancy agreement signed by my wife.... I had no idea she was doing this and would certainly not entertain having a full time tenant [ I don''t mind casual lodgers I get on with.. ] in my home, especially if I can be excluded from my own property.
The upshot is that he shoved me out of the way, I called the police , they backed him up and said he legal right to occupy but they did understand it was not on and said that should call them if my wife calls round to harrang me or he kicks off,..

I spoke to shelter [ a bit weird asking about getting some one evicted but my home is under threat.. ] and they said I might be able to exclude him due to violent behaviour... also I am now his landlord as I am married to his land lady, with all the responsibilities involved,...

She hasnt gas checked, elec checked, insured or told the mort company she has started renting rooms out in this way...

My questions are...
can I exclude/evict him at short notice for being violent? and how???

Can I stop him using my elec and gas.

Can I stop wife excluding me from parts of my home? I understand that she shouldn''t be able to but seems to have found a way round it..

Am I really liable for any harm to him should he use an un tested piece of electrical equipment?

My solicitor previously said I don''t have to have anyone in my house I don''t want here.. but now.. it appears I might have to have them here..

Cheers.. freaked out Steve.

  • rubytuesday
  • rubytuesday's Avatar
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
24 Aug 15 #465867 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday
You really need to seek the appropriate legal advice on this. As Fiona said on your previous post about this issue, please don''t take the law into your own hands.

In the meantime, I suggest you put locks on doors to rooms that only you and/or your daughter use, log all incidents, and if things turn abusive or aggressive, then follow the police advice and call them immediately.

Do you anywhere else you could stay that allows you and your daughter to live in safety?

  • Charlie_P
  • Charlie_P's Avatar Posted by
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
24 Aug 15 #465870 by Charlie_P
Reply from Charlie_P
Cheers, we have put locks on doors..
I have requested a tenancy agreement copy from wife, and told her she has probably broken the law by not having the gas safety checks done.
Cant see solicitor until tomorrow as she is away.
I can stay with my g/f tonight but as I have to work and she lives 50 miles away.. this is difficult.
Police are aware and I will do as Im told and call them should anything kick off. They said even if wife shows up to call them so she can''t provoke me further.
One adviser told me I can exclude this man from my home as he has been violent.. is this true?

  • Charlie_P
  • Charlie_P's Avatar Posted by
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
26 Aug 15 #465977 by Charlie_P
Reply from Charlie_P
Totally screwed. apparently the ex can rent out any room in the house whether I like it or not, even ones I am using according my solicitor.
I either just ignore the provocations or move out. Any help very welcome..... cheers..

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